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International Working Group On Price Indices

Welcome to the
International working group on price indices
Formed in 1994 the Ottawa Group is a forum for specialists to share their experiences and discuss research on crucial problems of measuring price change.

Next Meeting
Date: 7 – 10 June 2022
Location: Rome, Italy
Venue: Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Centre for Monetary and Financial Education

2022 Ottawa Group Meeting Details
Attendance and participation in Rome is encouraged, however there will be a virtual option. To assist with the planning and organisation, those who have the intention to participate are kindly asked to indicate how they plan to attend the meeting (in person or virtually) by completing a short survey by 30 November 2021.

The topics for discussion at the meeting include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • new data sources and new techniques to compile price indices, including the implications on index formulas;
    • expenditure weights in the CPI, including new data sources, frequency and timeliness;
    • challenging areas of measurement (digitalisation and shared economy) and quality adjustment; consumer
    • measurement of housing in the CPI including Owner Occupied Housing and rents;
    • going beyond CPI – alternative/complementary measures of inflation and cost of living;
    • consumer price expectations and inflation perceptions.
For any further information regarding the meeting, please e-mail us at

Key Dates
    • October 2021 - call for papers letter was sent
    • 17 December 2021 - abstracts to be submitted to
    • 25 February 2022 – registrations due for attendance
    • 22 April 2022 – papers due

About us
The focus of the Group is on applied research, particularly in the area of
consumer price indices. The Group examines advantages and disadvantages of various concepts, methods and procedures in the context of realistic operational environments, supported by concrete examples whenever possible. Participants are specialists and practitioners who work for, or are advisers to, statistical agencies in different countries or international organizations. The Group meets about every 2 years.

This website hosts all papers that have been presented at Ottawa Group meetings providing a resource for price statisticians. These papers are available in the Meetings link on the left hand navigator or via the Papers link by author, title and organisation. Further resources on price indices can be found in the
Consumer Price Index Manual: Theory and Practice (2020).

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