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Tenth Meeting - Ottawa, 2007, October 9th to 12th

Session 1: Price Measurement of specific products
Chair: Robert McClelland

Stefan Röthlisberger (OFS, Switzerland): Swiss CPI: Initial Experience with the new Medicine Price Index (Download paper – PDF, 93kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 124kb)
Dominque Guédès (INSEE, France): Fashion and Consumer Price Index (Download paper – PDF, 89kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 938kb)
Alan Chaffe, Walid Ezzaouali and Mathieu Lequain (Statistics Canada): An Alternative Collection Method and Its Impact on Accuracy, Reliability and Efficiency of the CPI Program: The case of automobile insurance in Canada (Download paper – PDF, 57kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 114kb)
Session 1 Abstracts (PDF, 10kb)

Session 2: Indices for population groups
Chair: George Beelen

Greg Kurtzon and Robert McClelland (US Bureau of Labor Statistics): Do the Poor Pay More, Store by Store? (Download paper – PDF, 116kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 158kb)
Yoel Finkel and Victoria Roshal (Israel Central Bureau of Statistics): Various CPI Aggregation Schemes: Empirical Study of Israeli Data (Download paper – PDF, 385kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 249kb)
F. Fritzer and Ernst Glatzer (Oesterreichische Nationalbank): Group Specific Inflation Rates for Austrian Households (Download paperPDF, 373kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 430kb)
David Fenwick (ONS): Jim O’Donoghue, Matthew Powell and David Fenwick : Personal Inflation: Perceptions And Experiences (Download paperPDF, 326kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 995kb) (Download abstract (PDF, 9kb)
Session 2 Abstracts (PDF, 11kb)

Session 3: Research on various topics
Chair: Martin Ribe

Mick Silver (International Monetary Fund): Do Unit Value Export, Import, and Terms of Trade Indices Represent or Misrepresent Price Indices? (Download paper – PDF, 159kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 1mb)
Étienne Gagnon (Federal Reserve Board): Price Setting during Low and High Inflation: Evidence from Mexico (Download paperPDF, 611kb) (Download presentation – PDF, 163kb)
Yoel Finkel, Anna Rakhmilevich and Victoria Roshal (Israel Central Bureau of Statistics): Different Approaches to the Treatment of Seasonal Products: Tests on the Israeli CPI (Download paperPDF, 363kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 430kb)
Session 3 Abstracts (PDF, 11kb)

Session 4: Spatial Indices
Chair: Marc Prud’homme

Bettina Aten (US Bureau of Economic Analysis): Inter-Area Price Levels: An experimental approach (presented by Walter Lane, BLS)
Download paperPDF, 155kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 235kb)
Session 4 Abstracts (PDF, 9kb)

Session 5: Real Estate and Housing Indices
Chair: Rósmundur Guðnason

Erwin Diewert (University of British Columbia): The Paris OECD-IMF Workshop on Real Estate Price Indexes: Conclusions and Future Directions (Download paper – PDF, 159kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 41kb)
Randal Verbrugge (US Bureau of Labor Statistics): Utilities Adjustment for Owners’ Equivalent Rent (Download paperPDF, 333kb) (Download presentation – PDF, 214kb)
Alexa Olczyk and Geoff Neideck (Australian Bureau of Statistics): Measuring House Price Movements: methods, issues and some recent experiences in the Australian Context (Download paperPDF, 149kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 348kb)
Marc Prud’Homme and Serra Erdur (Statistics Canada): House Price Indexes at Statistics Canada: Practices and Research (Download paperPDF, 166kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 1.2mb)
Martin Ribe (Statistics Sweden): Current Swedish Discussion on Housing in the CPI (Download paperPDF, 586kb) (Download presentation – PDF, 614kb)
Session 5 Abstracts (PDF, 15kb)

Session 6: Bias
Chair: Tarek Harchaoui

John Greenlees and Robert McClelland (US Bureau of Labor Statistics): New Outlets Bias in the CPI: A Look at Recent Evidence (Download paper – PDF, 125kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 357kb)
Claus Christian Breuer (U of Duisburg-Essen): Cost of Living Indexes for Germany (Download paper – PDF, 113kb) (Download presentation – PDF, 85kb) (Download abstract – PDF, 8kb)
Carsten Hansen (UNECE): Re-calculation of the Danish CPI 1996-2006 (Download paper – PDF, 91kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 1.1mb)
Kim Zieschang and Mick Silver, IMF: A Note on Long run analytical CPI series that avoid discontinuities on rebasing (Download paper – PDF, 59kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 281kb)
Ben Nimmo and Chris Pike (Statistics New Zealand): Consumer Price Index: Retrospective Superlative Index and Impact of Alternative Housing Weights (Download paper – PDF, 267kb) (Download presentation – PDF, 1mb)
Session 6 Abstracts (PDF, 13kb)

Session 7: Hedonics
Chair: Jan de Haan

Erwin Diewert (UBC), Saeed Heravi (U of Cardiff) and Mick Silver (IMF): Hedonic Imputation versus Time Dummy Hedonic Indexes (Download paper – PDF, 191kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 180kb)
Session 7 Abstracts (PDF, 8kb)

Session 8: CPI Manual and Handbooks
Chair: Paul Armknecht

Valentina Stoevska (ILO): Status and Updating of the CPI Manual (Download paper – PDF, 20kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 157kb)
David Fenwick (ONS, United Kingdom): Supplementary Handbooks to the ILO CPI Manual: Handbook of Practical Issues on CPI Construction Confronted by Developing Countries (Download paper – PDF, 101kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 526kb) (Download abstract – PDF, 8kb)
Session 8 Abstracts (PDF, 7kb)

Session 9: Quality of Price Indices
Chair: Yoel Finkel

Geoff Neideck (Australian Bureau of Statistics): A Framework for the accuracy dimension of data quality of price statistics (Download paper – PDF, 127kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 138kb)
Daniel Griffiths (Statistics New Zealand) and Randi Johannessen (Statistics Norway): The Statistics New Zealand and SSB Consumers Price Indexes: A Comparison (Download paper – PDF, 645kb) (Download presentation – PDF, 1.1mb)
Tarek Harchaoui, Justin Hume and Jennifer Withington (Statistics Canada): Accounting for the Difference between the CPI and Personal Consumption Expenditure Deflator (Download paper – PDF, 157kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 1.2mb)
Session 9 Abstracts (PDF, 8kb)

Session 10: Telecommunications Price Indexes
Chair: Kim Zieschang

Alexandra Beisteiner (Statistik Austria): Evaluation of the behaviour of different methods for price measurement in the telecommunication market (Download presentation – PPS, 238kb)
Makoto Shimizu (Statistics Bureau of Japan): Telecommunications Indices in the Japanese CPI (Download paper – PDF, 66kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 304kb)
Session 10 Abstracts (PDF, 13kb)

Session 11: Panel Discussion on occasion of the 10th Ottawa Group Meeting: State of CPIs and 10 meetings (and 13 years)
(Download paper – PDF, 115kb) (Download presentation – PPS, 535kb)

Chair: David Fenwick

Erwin Diewert, Department of Economics: The Ottawa Group after Ten Meetings: Future Priorities (Download paper – PDF, 79kb)
Paul Armknecht: Items to Consider for Member Countries’ Research Activities (Download presentation – PPS, 366kb)
Bert M. Balk, RSM Erasmus University and Statistics Netherlands: The OG against the backdrop of 150 years price index research (Download presentation – PPS, 142kb)