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Fifteenth Meeting - Eltville am Rhein, Germany May 10th to 12th 2017

Report from Ottawa Group Meeting Germany 2017

Opening Speech: Prof Dr Claudia M Buch, Vice-President of the Deutsche Bundesbank (PDF 441 KB)

Day 1

Topic: Research on consumer and property price indices

Session 1: Index theory and practice

Chairperson: Marcel van Kints

Christian Blaudow, Florian Burg: Dynamic pricing as a challenge for consumer price statistics
Paper (PDF 698 KB) | Presentation (PDF 360 KB)

Robert Dippelsman, Erwin Diewert: Progress on revising the Consumer Price Index Manual
Paper (PDF 563 KB) | Presentations I (PDF 943 KB) | Presentation II (PDF 142 KB)

Gregory Kurtzon: Breaking down the differences between the CPI-U and C-CPI-U: weights vs. formula
Paper (PDF 710 KB) | Presentation (PDF 349 KB)

Ludwig von Auer, Jochen Wengenroth: Consistent aggregation of superlative price indices
Paper (PDF 181 KB) | Presentation (PDF 471 KB)

Session 2: House price indices (HPIs)
Chairperson: Martin Eiglsperger

Gregg Patrick: Ireland’s new residential property price index
Paper (PDF 550 KB) | Presentation (PDF 662 KB)

Timm Behrmann, Bernhard Goldhammer: New developments in the field of house and rental price indices in German price statistics in the light of the hedonic method
Paper (PDF 621 KB) | Presentation (PDF 1,260 KB)

Erwin Diewert, Ning Huang, Kate Burnett-Issacs: Alternative approaches for resale housing price indexes
Paper (PDF 509 KB) | Presentation (PDF 317 KB)

Session 3: Hedonic methods for HPIs
Chairperson: Christopher Jenkins

Mick Silver: How to better measure hedonic residential property price indexes
Paper (PDF 1,405 KB) | Presentation (PDF 489 KB)

Robert Hill, Michael Scholz, Chihiro Shimizu, Miriam Steurer: An evaluation of the hedonic methods used by European National Statistical Institutes to compute their official House Price Indices
Paper (PDF 271 KB) | Presentation (PDF 186 KB)

Robert Hill, Alicia Rambaldi, Michael Scholz: Weekly hedonic house price indices: an imputation approach from a spatio-temporal model
Paper (PDF 324 KB) | Presentation (PDF 438 KB)

Day 2

Commemoration Peter von der Lippe
Chairperson: Jens Mehrhoff

Bert Balk, Mixed-form indices: A study of their properties
Paper (PDF 245KB) | Presentation (PDF 334 KB)

Session 4: Property price statistics
Chairperson: David Fenwick

Robert Szemere: BIS consumer and property price statistics: cross-country comparability and historical perspective
Presentation (PDF 1,099 KB)

Andrew Kanutin: Real estate statistics – building from the micro level
Presentation (PDF 62 KB)

Session 5: Commercial property prices
Chairperson: Joachim Recktenwald

Erwin Diewert, Chihiro Shimizu: Commercial property price indexes for Tokyo revisited
Paper (PDF 372 KB) | Presentation (PDF 1,113 KB)

Inês Gonçalves Raposo, Rui Evangelista: A transactions-based commercial property price index for Portugal
Paper (PDF 731 KB) | Presentation (PDF 461 KB)

Barra Casey: Developing a new commercial property statistical system (CPSS) for Ireland
Paper (PDF 341 KB) | Presentation (PDF 711 KB

Session 6: Challenges of “big data”
Chairperson: Carsten Boldsen

Marcel van Kints: Enhancing the Australian CPI: making greater use of transactions data to compile the Australian CPI
Paper (PDF 1,073 KB) | Presentation (PDF 626 KB)

Alan Bentley, Frances Krsinich: Towards a big data CPI for New Zealand
Paper (PDF 1,359 KB) | Presentation (PDF 971 KB)

Josef Auer, Ingolf Boettcher: From price collection to price data analytics – How new large data sources require price statisticians to re-think their index compilation procedures. Experiences from web-scraped and scanner data
Paper (PDF 1,659 KB) | Presentation (PDF 352 KB)

Jens Mehrhoff: A “big data” gaze at why electronic transactions and webscraped data are no panacea
Paper (PDF 190 KB) | Presentation (PDF 371 KB)

Session 7: Multilateral index methods
Chairperson: Bert Balk

Antonio Chessa, Jan de Haan, Johan Verburg, Leon Willenborg: A comparison of price index methods for scanner data
Paper (PDF 697 KB) | Presentation (PDF 294 KB)

Erwin Diewert, Kevin Fox: Substitution bias in multilateral methods for CPI construction using scanner data
Paper (PDF 520 KB) | Presentation (PDF 364 KB)

Claude Lamboray: The Geary Khamis index and the Lehr index: How much do they differ?
Paper (PDF 631 KB) | Presentation (PDF 155 KB)

Jan de Haan, Rens Hendriks, Michael Scholz: A comparison of weighted time-product dummy and time dummy hedonic indexes
Paper (PDF 452 KB) | Presentation (PDF 502 KB)

Day 3

Session 8: Issues with new data sources
Chairperson: Erwin Diewert

Jörgen Dalén: Unit values in scanner data – some operational issues
Paper (PDF 153 KB) | Presentation (PDF 124 KB)

Elizabeth Metcalfe, Tanya Flower, Thomas Lewis, Matthew Mayhew, Edward Rowland: Research indices using web scraped data: clustering large datasets into prices indices (CLIP)
Paper (PDF 301 KB) | Presentation (PDF 2,782 KB)

Kota Watanabe, Tsutomu Watanabe: Price rigidity at near-zero inflation rates: evidence from Japan
Paper (PDF 2,167 KB) | Presentation (PDF 3,076 KB)

Session 9: Implementing scanner data
Chairperson: Claude Lamboray

Li-Chun Zhang, Ingvild Johansen, Ragnhild Nygaard: Testing unit value data price indices
Paper (PDF 586 KB) | Presentation (PDF 285 KB)

Guillaume Rateau: Implementation of the treatment of the scanner data in France
Paper (PDF 2,632 KB) | Presentation (PDF 673 KB)

Kristiina Nieminen: New data sources to compile price indices: Small scale “big data” in the Finnish pharmaceutical product index compilation
Paper (PDF 801 KB) | Presentation (PDF 525 KB)

Poster session

Overview of 15th Meeting of the Ottawa Group Poster session (PDF 47 KB)


Shunichi SHIMAKITA: Energy price indices in Japanese CPI (PDF 225KB)

Paulo Picchetti: Hedonic residential property price estimation using geospatial data: a machine-learning approach (PDF 2,913KB)

Heiðrún Erika Guðmundsdóttir: How did Statistics Iceland start using scanner data? (PDF 483KB)

Bert M. Balk, Jens Mehrhoff: Index Calculation (PDF 431KB)

Yongheng Deng, Xiangyu Guo, Daniel McMillen and Chihiro Shimizu: Locally Weighted Quantile House Price Indices and Distribution in Japanese Cities, 1986–2015 (PDF 895KB)

James Signorelli & Marcel Van Knits: Measuring Price Change for New Dwellings, Australian Bureau of Statistics (PDF 595KB)

Daisuke Oda, Makiko Ochiai, Shinichi Takahashi: Measuring Price Setting Behaviours Using Scanner Data (PDF 1,038KB)

Hoogerdijk: Practical Guide for Processing Supermarket Scanner Data (PDF 602KB)

Nobuhiro Abe, Yojiro Ito, Ko Munakata, Shinsuke Ohyama, Kimiaki Shinozaki: Pricing Patterns over Product Life-Cycle and Quality Growth at Product Turnover (PDF 1,168KB)

Pr. Firano Zakaria: Speculative bubble on the Moroccan Real Estate Market: Identification and Cycles (PDF 414KB)

Manuel Brand, Corinne Becker Vermeulen, Davide Fischbach, Yves Carpy: Swiss residential property price index: the use of geolocalised information for quality adjustment in location (PDF 3,772KB)

Enikõ Gábor-Tóth and Philip Vermeulen: The relative importance of taste shocks and price movements in the variation of cost-of-living: evidence from scanner data (PDF 411KB)

Pedro Costa Ferreira, Daiane M. de Mattos, Vagner Laerte Ardeo: Triple-Filter core inflation: a measure of the inflation Trajectory (PDF 302KB)

Room Documents:

Marcel Van Kints, Australian Bureau of Statistics: Increasing the Frequency of CPI Expenditure Class Weight Updates (PDF 673KB)

Firano Zakaria, University of Mohammed V: Competition and financial stability: a new paradigm (PDF 401KB)

Roland Hébert: Comparison of maximum overlap and fixed sample methods for computer price indexes (PDF 1024KB)

Cem Bas: Different approaches and methods for strong seasonal items in CPI (PDF 1,456KB)

Heiðrún Erika Guðmundsdóttir, Lára G. Jónasdóttir: How Statistics Iceland quickly started using scanner data in price statistics (PDF 606KB)

Ludwig von Auer, Sebastian Weinand: How much cheaper is rural life? the PPPs of German counties and cities (PDF 906KB)

Lisa Reinheimer: Identifying administered prices – a practical approach (PDF 73KB)

Jens Mehrhoff: Laspeyres-type what?! a European notion of Laspeyres, Lowe and Young (PDF 125KB)

Chihiro Shimizu, Yongheng Deng, Xiangyu Guo, Daniel McMillen: Locally weighted quantile house price indices and distribution in Japanese cities, 1986-2015 (PDF 176KB)

Marcel van Kints: Measuring price change for new dwellings (PDF 137KB)

Daisuke Oda, Makiko Ochiai, Shinichi Takahashi: Measuring price setting behaviour using scanner data (PDF 89KB)

Dirk-Jan Hoogerdijk: Practical guidelines for processing scanner data (PDF 153KB)

Firano Zakaria, Filali Fatine: Speculative bubble on the Moroccan real estate market: Identification and Cycels (PDF 237KB)

Mary Beth Garneau, Gaétan Garneau, Heidi Ertl: The use of alternative data for price indexes – the Canadian experience (PDF 979KB)

Kimiaki Shinozaki: Webscraped prices comparison method adopted for the PPI in Japan (PDF 686KB)

Jan Walschots: Zero prices in the CPI (PDF 500KB)