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Fourteenth Meeting - Tokyo, Japan, May 20th to 22nd 2015

Report from Ottawa Group Meeting Tokyo 2015

Topic 1: Alternate data sources and Index number formulas

Session 1: Scanner Data and Alternative Elementary Indexes

Eniko Gabor and Philip Vermeulen, Bundesbank and European Central Bank: New evidence on elementary index bias (PDF 482 KB)

Claude Lamboray and Frances Krsinich, Statistics Luxembourg and Statistics New Zealand: A modification of the GEKS index when product turnover is high (PDF 394 KB)

Satoshi Imai, Erwin Diewert and Chihiro Shimizu, Statistics Bureau of Japan, University of British Columbia and National University of Singapore: Consumer Price Index Biases -Elementary Index Biases vs. Sampling Biases (PDF 511 KB)

Room Document:

Antonio Chessa (Statistics Netherlands): Towards a generic price index method for scanner data in the Dutch CPI (PDF 420 KB)

Topic 1: Alternate data sources and Index number formulas

Session 2: Online Prices and Web Scraping

Ragnhild Nygaard, Statistics Norway: The use of online prices in the Norwegian Consumer Price Index (PDF 445 KB)

Ingolf Boettcher, Statistic Austria: Automatic data collection on the Internet (web scraping) (PDF 48 KB)

Frances Krsinich, Statistics New Zealand: Price indexes from online data using the fixed-effects window-splice (FEWS) index (PDF 285 KB)

Alberto Cavallo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Corporation (USA): Are Online and Offline Prices Different? (Paper not publically available)

Topic 1: Alternate data sources and Index number formulas

Session 3: Scanner Data and New Methods for Constructing Indexes

Satoshi Imai and Tsutomu Watanabe, Statistics Bureau of Japan and Tokyo University: Replicating Japanese CPI Using Scanner Data (PDF 450 KB)

Australian Bureau of Statistics: Using transactions data to enhance the Australian CPI (PDF 932 KB)

Kevin Fox and Iqbal Syed, University of New South Wales: Price Discounts and the Measurement of Inflation (PDF 362 KB)

Room Document:

Jan de Haan, Statistics Netherlands: Rolling Year Time Dummy Indexes and the Choice of Splicing Method (PDF 172 KB)

Topic 1: Alternate data sources and Index number formulas

Session 4: Topic in Index Construction

Pedro Ferreira, Jose Gondin, Andre Braz and Juliana Carneiro, Fundacao Getulio Vargas: Applying the daily inflation to forecast the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA) (PDF 623 KB)

Ning Huang, Waruna Wimalaratne and Brent Pollard, Statistics Canada: Choice of index number formula and Upper level substitution bias in the Canadian CPI (PDF 484 KB)

Ning Huang, Waruna Wimalaratne and Brent Pollard, Statistics Canada: The Effects of the Frequency and Implementation Lag of Basket Updates on the Canadian CPI (PDF 386 KB)

Jess Diamond, Kota Watanabe and Tsutomu Watanabe, Hitotsubashi University, Meiji University and University of Tokyo: Estimating Consumer Price Inflation by Household (Paper not publically available)

Topic 2: Compiling Property Price Indexes

Session 5: Housing Price Indexes and Rental Price Indexes

Masato Higashi, Masahiro Higo and Aki Ono, Bank of Japan: How can we estimate the quality deterioration with time in the rental service of office buildings in Japanese Services Producer Price Index? (PDF 249 KB)

Statistics Bureau of Japan: Analysis of Rent Prices of Rental Housing by Year of Construction (PDF 116 KB)

Room Document:

Faouzi Tarkhani, Statistics Canada: Analytical Consumer Price Indexes for Owned Accommodation (PDF 839 KB)

Topic 2: Compiling Property Price Indexes

Session 6: Property Price Indexes

Chihiro Shimizu, Satoshi Imai and Erwin Diewert, National University of Singapore, Statistics Bureau of Japan and University of British Columbia: New Estimates for the Price of Housing in the Japanese CPI: Nominal Rigidity of Rents (PDF 2.7 MB)

Kate Burnett-Isaacs, Statistics Canada: Using Hedonics to Create Land and Structure Indexes for the Ottawa Condominium Market (PDF 287 KB)

Jens Mehrhoff, Bundesbank: How should we measure residential property prices to inform policy makers? (Paper not publically available)

Topic 3: Price statistics that meet multiple user needs

Session 7: Integrated Price Statistics and Measuring Regional Growth and Inflation

Prasada Rao, Alicia N. Rambaldi and Bert M. Balk, The University of Queensland and Erasmus University Rotterdam: On Measuring Regional or Global Growth and Inflation (PDF 592 KB)

Statistics Bureau of Japan: Methodologies of Compiling Consumer Price Indices in Asian Countries (PDF 271 KB)

Paulo Picchetti, Fundacao Getulio Vargas: A measure of core inflation based on dynamyc hierarchical factor models (PDF 198 KB)

Room Document:

Jorge A. Reyes-Moreno, National Institute of Statistics and Geography: Communication Mechanisms, accessibility and transparency of the data used in the price indices in Mexico (PDF 880 KB)

Kari Manninen, Statistical Center of Gulf Cooperation Council: Experimental Aggregate GCC Consumer Price Change Estimates (PDF 1.7 MB)

Topic 4: Quality adjustment

Session 8: New Methods for Quality Adjustment

Frances Krsinich, Statistics New Zealand: Implementation of consumer electronics scanner data in the New Zealand CPI (PDF 190 KB)

Patrick Sillard, Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques: Scanner data and quality adjustment (PDF 482 KB)

Room Document:

James L.Y. Cheng, Census and Statistics Department, HKSAR Government: Quality Adjustment of Second-hand Motor Vehicle - Application of Hedonic Approach in Hong Kong's Consumer Price Index (PDF 96 KB)

Topic 5: Pricing seasonal products

Session 9: The Treatment of Seasonal Data in CPI

Statistics Bureau of Japan: The new procedure for calculating seasonal items indices in Japanese chained CPI (PDF 157 KB)

Topic 6: Other topics

Session 10: Topic in Price Measurement

Peter Nilsson and Martin Kullendorff, Statistics Sweden: Consumer Price Index with constant tax - the Swedish approach (PDF 290 KB)

Statistics Bureau of Japan: Revision of the CPI Items for 2015-base (PDF 224 KB)

Thomas Stapleford, University of Notre Dame: Price Indexes, Political Judgments, and the Challenge of Democratic Control (PDF 315 KB)

Topic 6: Other topics

Session 11: Topic in Price Measurement

Jan de Haan, Statistics Netherlands: A Framework for Large Scale Use of Scanner Data in the Dutch CPI (PDF 267 KB)