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Eighth Meeting - Helsinki, 2004

The papers are grouped into the six sessions of the meeting. The sessions and moderators are shown in chronological order below. A report of discussions for each session precedes the listing of papers.

  • Session 1 - Price Indices for Services - Mr Rósmundur Guönason
  • Session 2 - Relationships between consumer price indices and other statistical systems - Mr Bert Balk
  • Session 3 - Housing - Mr Keith Woolford
  • Session 4 - Quality control of price index production processes - Mr George Beelen
  • Session 5 - Other Issues - Mr John Greenlees
  • Session 6 - Future directions, next meeting - Mr David Fenwick and Mr Keith Woolford
In total, some 17 papers were presented for discussion.

Session 1: Price Indices for Services

George Beelen, 
Should a CPI attempt to hold all risk factors constant in pricing non-life insurance services (PDF file 203 KB)
Adrian Ball and David Fenwick, 
Costing mobile telephone calls: the use of constrained user profiles (PDF file 113 KB)
Keith Woolford, 
Experimental Price Indexes for Financial Services (PDF file 827 KB)

Session 2: Relationships between consumer price indices and other statistical systems

Nobuyuki Sakashita and Makoto Shimizu, 
CPI and Household Income Expenditure under deflationary trend (PDF file 215 KB)
Heikki Pursiainen, 
The algebraic interpretation of consistency in aggregation and quasilinear index numbers (PDF file 413 KB)

Session 3: Housing

Erwin Diewert, 
The Treatment of Owner Occupied Housing and Other Durables in a Consumer Price Index (PDF file 478 KB)
Rósmundur Guönason, 
Simple User Cost and Rentals (PDF file 162 KB)
Randi Johannessen, 
Owner occupied housing in the Norwegian CPI (PDF file 206 KB)
Eugen Koev, 
Combining Classification and Hedonic Quality adjustment in Constructing a House Price Index (PDF file 662 KB)
Stefan Linz and Timm Behrmann, 
Using Hedonic Pricing for the German House Price Index (PDF file 328 KB)

Session 4: Quality Control of price index production processes

Anders Norberg, 
Comparison of Variance Estimators for the Consumer Price Index (PDF file 386 KB)
David Fenwick, Adrian Ball and Jay Beaven, 
The Quality Adjustment Matrix: a novel and strategic approach to the quality measurement issue and the application of methods for the a priori identification of those items in a Consumer Price Index where hedonic quality adjustment can be used to best effect (PDF file 218 KB)
Yoel Finkel and Dorit Zioni, 
Automization in the CPI, Quality Assurance and EFQM (PDF file 197 KB)
Rolf Boesch and Corrine Becker Vermeulen, 
Quality assurance of the Swiss consumer price index (PDF file 287 KB)

Session 5: Other Issues

Mick Silver, 
The difference between hedonic imputation indexes and the time dummy hedonic indexes for desktop pcs (PDF file 265 KB)
Jan de Haan, 
Time dummy hedonic index as a specific case of Törnqvist index (PDF file 253 KB)
Kari Manninen, 
The Effects of the Quality Adjustment Method on Price Indices for Digital Cameras (PDF file 440 KB)

Session 6: Future directions, next meeting