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First Meeting - Ottawa, 1994

Summary (PDF file 8048 B)
Opening remarks (PDF file 12 KB)
Topic 1: Price Indices at the Micro Aggregation Level and their Macro Effects: Methodological and Empirical Evidence (PDF file 167 KB)
Topic 2: Bias of a Consumer Price Index: "Shall we try to estimate it?" (PDF file 8 KB)
Closing remarks (PDF file 7 KB)

Topic 1: Price indices at the micro aggregation level and their macro effects: Methodological and Empirical Evidence

Martha F. Haworth, Central Statistical Office (UK), Sampling and Data Capture Issues in CPI Construction (PDF file 1.5 MB)
Paul A. Armknecht, Brent R. Moulton and Kenneth J. Stewart, Bureau of Labor Statistics (US),
Improvements to the Food at Home, Shelter and Prescription Drug Indexes in the U.S. Consumer Price Index (PDF file 1.1 MB)
Don J. Sellwood, EUROSTAT,
Constraining Macro Effects of the Use of Different Methods at the Basic Level in the Project to Harmonise Consumer Price Indices in the European Union (PDF file 804 KB)
Bohdan J. Schultz, Statistics Canada,
Choice of Price Index Formulae at the Micro-Aggregation Level: The Canadian Empirical Evidence (PDF file 167 KB)
Bert M. Balk, Statistics Netherlands,
On the First Step in the Calculation of a Consumer Price Index (PDF file 648 KB)
Jörgen Dalén, Statistics Sweden,
Sensitivity Analyses for Harmonising European Consumer Price Indices (PDF file 1.0 MB)
Keith Woolford, Australian Bureau of Statistics,
A Pragmatic Approach to the Selection of Appropriate Index Formulae (PDF file 73 KB)
Alain Saglio, INSEE (France),
Comparative changes in Average Price and Price Index: Two case studies (PDF file 1.0 MB)

Topic 2: Bias of a consumer price index, shall we try to estimate it?

Mark A. Wynne and Fiona D. Sigalla, The Consumer Price Index

Room Documents
Diewert, W. Erwin, Axiomatic and Economic Approaches to elementary Price Indexes, University of British Columbia, January 1995, pp. 1-60
Carruthers, A.G., Sellwood, D.J. and Ward, P.W.
Recent Developments in the Retail Prices Index. The Statistician, Vol. 29, No. 1, 1980, pp. 1-32