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Second Meeting - Stockholm, 1995

Opening remarks (PDF file 7 KB)
Topic 1: Purposes and Concepts of Consumer Price Indices (PDF file 9 KB)
Topic 2: Selected difficult areas of Consumer Price Indices (PDF file 6 KB)
Topic 3: Product Quality Adjustment to Prices (PDF file 6 KB)
Closing remarks (PDF file 5 KB)

Topic 1: Purposes and concepts of consumer price indices

Marta Haworth, Central Statistical Office, UK, UK RPI: A cost of living index or an inflation indicator? (PDF file 1.4 MB)
Ralph Turvey,
Three kinds of monthly CPI (PDF file 68 KB)
Bert M. Balk, Statistics Netherlands
, The consumer price index and income escalation (PDF file 482 KB)
Peter Hill, Handbook of inflation accounting, (Chapter 5)
W. Erwin Diewert, University of British Columbia
, Seasonal commodities, high inflation and index number theory (PDF file 646 KB)
Jörgen Dalén, Statistics Sweden,
A statistical interpretation of CPI comparability (PDF file 434 KB)

Topic 2: Selected difficult areas of consumer price indices

Kaisa Weckström-Eno, Statistics Finland, Selected difficult areas in the Finnish CPI (PDF file 168 KB)
Jörgen Dalén, Statistics Sweden
, Swedish CPI practices for difficult areas with a noteon CPI Subindexes for services with income-dependent fees (PDF file 240 KB)
Rosmundur Gudnason, Statistics Iceland
, Note on the practices in the field of insurance, financial services and public price policies in the Icelandic CPI (PDF file 23 KB)
Lasse Sandberg, Statistics Norway,
Note on selected difficult areas of consumer price indices (PDF file 237 KB)
N. Anders Klevmarken, Uppsala University,
A note on Cost-of-Living Indexes, Subsidized Commodities and Income Dependent Prices (PDF file 649 KB)

Topic 3: Product Quality Adjustment to Prices

Ralph Turvey, Item & outlet replacements and quality adjustment (PDF file 79 KB)
Bohdan Schultz, Statistics Canada
, Treatment of changes in product quality in consumer price indices (PDF file 969 KB)
Robin Lowe, Statistics Canada
, The type and extent of quality change adjustments in the Canadian CPI (PDF file 986 KB)
Anders Norberg, Statistics Sweden
, Quality adjustment in the Swedish price index for clothing (PDF file 1 MB)
Central Statistical Office, UK
, Quality Adjustment of prices of audiovisual goods in the U.K.R.P.I. (PDF file 514 KB)
Don Sellwood, Eurostat,
The harmonisation of quality adjustment practices in the European Union (PDF file 13 KB)
Eurostat B3, Harmonisation of consumer price indices. Progress Report

Room documents
US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Report from the Bureau of Labour Statistics for the House Budget Committee, United States Congress
Paul Armknecht, Brent Moulton, US Bureau of Labor Statistics,
Quality adjustment in price indices: Methods for imputing price and quality change
Brent Moulton, Karin Smedley, US Bureau of Statistics,
A comparison of estimators for elementary aggregates of the CPI
François Lequiller, Kimberley Zieschang
Drift in producer price indices for the former Soviet Union countries
W. Erwin Diewert, University of British Columbia,
On the stochastic approach to index numbers