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Eleventh Meeting - Neuchatel, 2009, May 27th to 29th

Session 1: Price statistics and housing market
Chair: David Fenwick

Rósmundur Guđnason, Guđrún R. Jónsdóttir, Lára G. Jónasdóttir (Statistics Iceland): The effect of House Market downturn on House Price Index (Download Paper - PDF, 261 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 95 KB)
Makoto Shimizu (Statistics Bureau): Hedonic Approach for House Rents in Japan (
Download Paper - PDF, 166 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 317 KB)
Chihiro Shimizu (Reitaku University), Kiyohiko G. Nishimura (Bank of Japan) and Tsutomu Watanabe (Hitotsubashi University): House Prices and Rents in Tokyo: A Comparison of Repeat-Sales and Hedonic Measures (
Download Paper - PDF, 391 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 1.4 MB)

Room Documents
Martin Ribe (SCB): House prices in a Swedish CPI perspective (Download Paper - PDF, 175KB)
Ingvild Johansen, Ragnhild Nygaard (Statistics Norway): Owner-Occupied Housing in the Norwegian HICP (
Download Paper - PDF, 120 KB)
Chihiro Shimizu (Reitaku University), Kiyohiko Nishimura (Bank of Japan), Tsutomu Watanabe (Hitotsubashi University): Residential Rents and Price Rigidity: Micro Structure an Macro Consequences (
Download Paper - PDF, 222 KB)
Corinne Becker Vermeulen and Hans Markus Herren (FSO): Rents in Switzerland: sampling and quality adjustment (
Download Paper - PDF, 128 KB)

Session 2: Weighting: quality, frequency of update, reference period, and price-updating
Chair: Keith Woolford

John S. Greenlees, Elliot Williams (BLS): Reconsideration of Weighting and Updating Procedures in the US CPI (Download Paper - PDF, 158 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 432 KB)
Martin Eiglsperger, Daniela Schackis (European Central Bank): Weights in the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices: Selected aspects from a user's perspective (
Download Paper - PDF, 88 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 161 KB)
Bert M. Balk (Statistics Netherlands and Erasmus University): Lowe and Cobb-Douglas CPIs and their substitution bias (
Download Paper - PDF, 153 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 141 KB)

Room Documents
Chris Pike, Ben Nimmo and Ludeth Mariposa (Statistics New Zealand): New Zealand 2006 and 2008 Consumers Price Index Reviews: Price Updating (Download Paper - PDF, 317 KB)
Stefan Linz (DESTATIS): Weighting of Outlets and Regions – the German Weighting System (
Download Paper - PDF, 281 KB)

Session 3: Price measurement for "hard to follow” products
Chair: Daniel Griffiths

Patrick Kelly, Lee Everts (Statistics South Africa): Clearing out the sales: Removing a downward bias in a clothing and footwear index (Download Paper - PDF, 60 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 134 KB)

Session 4 A: New developments in calculation methods - elementary aggregates
Chair: Robert McClelland

Lorraine Ivancic, Kevin J.Fox (University of New South Wales) and W. Erwin Diewert (University of British Columbia): Scanner Data, Time Aggregation and the Construction of Price Indexes (Download Paper - PDF, 767 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 459 KB)
Jan de Haan, Heymerik Van Der Grient (Statistics Netherlands): Eliminating Chain Drift in Price Indexes Based on Scanner Data (
Download Paper - PDF, 407 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 261 KB)
Reto Müller (FSO): Price collection with scanner data for the Swiss CPI/HICP (
Download Presentation - PDF, 65 KB)
Jens Mehrhoff (Deutsche Bundesbank): Aggregate Indices and Their Corresponding Elementary Indices (
Download Paper - PDF, 1.3MB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 526 KB)
Mick Silver (IMF): An Index Number Formula Problem: the Aggregation of Broadly Comparable Items (
Download Paper - PDF, 136 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 92 KB)
Peter Von Der Lippe (University of Duisburg-Essen): Unit Value Bias Reconsidered (
Download Paper - PDF, 211 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 328 KB)

Room Document
Hans Wolfgang Brachinger, Michael Beer (University of Fribourg): The Econometric Foundations of Hedonic Elementary Price Indices (Download Paper - PDF, 535 KB)

Session 4 B: New developments in calculation methods - elementary aggregates
Chair: Yoel Finkel

Jan de Haan (Statistics Netherlands), Bert M. Balk (Erasmus University and Statistics Netherlands), Carsten Boldsen Hansen (UNECE): Retrospective Approximations of Superlative Price Indexes for Years where Expenditure Data is Unavailable (Download Paper - PDF, 109 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 63 KB)
W. Erwin Diewert (University of British Columbia), Marco Huwiler, Ulrich Kohli (Swiss National Bank): Retrospective Price Indices and Substitution Bias (
Download Paper - PDF, 71 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 147 KB)

Room Document
Katrina Lindsay, Ricky Ho and Chris Pike (Statistics New Zealand): New Zealand consumers price index: retrospective superlative index time series (Download Paper - PDF, 188 KB)

Session 5: Core inflation: from calculation to interpretation
Chair: Mick Silver

Luigi Biggeri (ISTAT), Tiziana Laureti (University of Naples), Federico Polidoro (ISTAT): Measuring and Interpreting core inflation: evidence from Italy (Download Paper - PDF, 685 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 542 KB)
Daniel Griffiths (Statistics New Zealand): Core inflation measures produced in New Zealand (
Download Paper - PDF, 279 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 598 KB)
Marco Huwiler: Measures of core inflation in Switzerland: An evaluation of alternative calculation methods for monetary policy (
Download Paper - PDF, 23 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 428 KB)

Room Documents
Gregor W. Smith (Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario): The Missing Links: Better Measures of Inflation and Inflation Expectations in Canada (Download Paper - PDF, 270 KB)
Walter Erwin Diewert (University of British Columbia): Discussion of the Smith paper (
Download Paper - PDF, 56 KB)

Session 6: Globalisation and specialisation
Chair: Daniela Schackis

Jens Mehrhoff (Deutsche Bundesbank), Claus Christian Breuer (University of Duisburg-Essen): Is Inflation Heterogeneously Distributed Among Income Groups? (Download Paper - PDF, 922 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 414KB)
John Greenlees, Robert McClelland (Bureau of Labor Statistics): Misconceptions about Consumer Price Indexes: the U.S. Experience (
Download Paper - PDF, 70 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 107 KB)
David Fenwick (Office for National Statistics): Ethical price indices: the case for a cost of consumption index (
Download Paper - PDF, 82 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 169 KB)

Room Documents
Jörgen Dalén (Jörgen Dalén Statistical Consulting): Designing a CPI in a developing country. Some experiences (Download Paper - PDF, 266 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 74 KB)
Rosmundur Guđnason, Guđrún R. Jónsdóttir (Statistics Iceland): The impact of Financial Crises on the CPI (
Download Paper - PDF, 92 KB) (Download Presentation - PDF, 95 KB)