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Seventh Meeting - Paris, 2003

Introduction (PDF file 119 KB)
Welcome speech (PDF file 103 KB)

The papers are grouped into the eight sessions of the meeting. The sessions and moderators are shown in chronological order below. A report of discussions for each session preceeds the listing of papers.

  • Session 1 - Coping with changing to complex pricing schemes - George Beelen
  • Session 2 - Use of hedonic regression - Mick Silver
  • Session 3 - Elementary aggregation, superlative indexes - Keith Woolford
  • Session 4 - Financial services, including insurances - Thierry Lacroix
  • Session 5 - New products, substitution between products and outlets - Bert Balk
  • Session 6 - E-Commerce - Rosmundur Guðnason
  • Session 7 - ILO activities on CPIs - John Greenlees, and
  • Session 8 - Future directions, next meeting - Timo Koskimäki, Keith Woolford.
In total, some 19 papers were presented for discussion with a further 3 papers submitted as room documents.

Session 1: Coping with changing to complex pricing schemes
Report of the session (PDF file 82 KB)

Paul Haschka, Simple Methods of Explicit QA for Services in Complex Pricing Schemes (PDF file 209 KB)
Alina Gluchowska, 
Pricing some complex products for the CPI needs (based on the Polish practice) (PDF file 155 KB)
Francoise Le Gallo and François Magnien, 
Measuring the price change of mobile phone services: an arduous task (PDF file 283 KB)

Session 2: Use of hedonic regression
Report of the session (PDF file 142 KB)

Jan de Haan, Direct and indirect Time Dummy Approaches to Hedonic Price Measurement (PDF file 234 KB)
Erwin Diewert, 
Hedonic Regressions: A Review of Some Unresolved Issues (PDF file 340 KB)
Heymerik van der Grient and Jan de Haan, 
An Almost Ideal Hedonic Price Index for Televisions (Room Document) (PDF file 201 KB)
Masato Okamoto, 
Comparison of Hedonic Indices Compiled using Different Types of Weights (Room document) (PDF file 315 KB)
Mick Silver, 
The Use of Weights in Hedonic Regressions: the measurement of Quality-Adjusted Price Changes (Room document) (PDF file 258 KB)

Session 3: Elementary aggregation, superlative indexes
Report of the session (PDF file 78 KB)

Bert M. Balk, Price Indexes for Elementary Aggregates: The Sampling Approach (PDF file 248 KB)
Mick Silver and Saeed Heravi,
Why Price Index Number Formulae Differ: Economic Theory and Evidence on Price Dispersion (PDF file 383 KB)
Robert Cage, John Greenlees and Patrick Jackman,
Introducing the Chained Consumer Price Index (PDF file 957 KB)

Session 4: Financial services including insurances
Report of the session (PDF file 117 KB)

Lionel Viglino, Insurance and quality adjustment: excess and option-cost method (PDF file 160 KB)
Martin Ribe, 
Financial Services in Swedish Price Indices (PDF file 227 KB)

Session 5: New products, substitution between products and outlets
Report of the session (PDF file 80 KB)

Timo Koskimäki and Mari Ylä-Jarkko, Segmented Markets and CPI Elementary Classifications (PDF file 274 KB)
Rosmundur Guðnason, 
How do we measure inflation? Some measurement problems (PDF file 287 KB)
Alexandre Makararonidis,
On the treatment of newly significant goods and services in the HICP (PDF file 153 KB)

Session 6: E-commerce
Report of the session (PDF file 102 KB)

David Fenwick, Anna Brueton and Adrian Ball, Internet retail channels in Price Indices: the challenges involved in including non-traditional retailers in the UK Retail Prices Index (PDF file 242 KB)
Yoel Finkel and Merav Yiftach, 
E-commerce in the Israeli CPI (PDF file 218 KB)
Robin Lowe, 
E-commerce and consumer behaviour (PDF file 174 KB)
Masato Okamoto and Eiji Nitta, 
The Present Situation of E-Commerce and a Pilot Survey on E-Commerce (PDF file 144 KB)
Andrea Grcman and Keith Woolford, 
E-commerce and Data Capture Opportunities for Price Indexes (PDF file 221 KB)

Session 7: ILO activities on CPIs
Report of the session (PDF file 103 KB)

International Labour Office, Proposals for a draft resolution concerning Consumer Price Indices (PDF file 201 KB)

Session 8: Future directions, next meeting
Report of the session (PDF file 98 KB)