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Thirteenth Meeting - Copenhagen, Denmark, May 1st to 3rd 2013

Report from Ottawa Group Meeting Copenhagen 2013

Topic 1: Housing Price Indices

Robert J. Hill and Michael Scholz (University of Graz): Incorporating Geospatial Data into House Price Indexes: A hedonic Imputation Approach with Splines

Jens Lunde, Anders Helding Madsen and Maria Lundbæk Laursen (Copenhagen Business School): A Countrywide House Price Index for 152 Years (Paper not publically available)

W. Erwin Diewert and Chihiro Shimizu (University of British Columbia): Residential Property Price Indexes for Tokyo

Room documents:

Robert J. Hill and Iqbal A. Syed (University of Graz): Hedonic Price-Rent Ratios, User Cost and Departures from Equilibrium in the Housing Market

Annie De Champlain, Heidi Ertl, Gaétan Garneau, Sara Guay, Marllena Ifrim, Klaus Kostenbauer and Jennifer Withington (Statistics Canada): Developing a Residential Property Price Index (RPPI) for Canada: Approach, Risks and Challenges

Tomi Martikainen and Petteri Rautaporras (Statistics Finland): Housing Price Statistics in Finland: Monthly Prices of Dwellings, Regional Division in Housing Price Statistics and Usage of Administrative Data

Joni Karanka, Robert O'Neill, Natalie Weaden, Ria Sanderson, Christopher Jenkins and Derek Bird (Office for National Statistics): Developing a Definitive Measure of House Prices in the UK

Topic 2: Commercial Property Price Indices:
Chair: David Fenwick

Sebastian Keiler (Deutsche Bundesbank): Commercial Property Prices: What Should Be Measured?

Andrew Kanutin (European Central Bank): ECB Progress towards a European Commercial Property Price Index

Chihiro Shimizu, W. Erwin Diewert, Kiyohiko G. Nishimura and Tsutomu Watanabe (Reitaku University): ’Commercial Property Price Indexes for Tokyo

Room documents:

Paulo Picchetti (Fundação Getulio Vargas): ’Estimating and Smoothing Appraisal-Based Commercial Real-Estate Performance Indexes

Jakob Holmgaard (Statistics Denmark): 'Commercial Property Price Indices in Denmark

Paolo Passerine (Eurostat): Developing Commercial Property Price Indicators

Bert M. Balk (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University): ’A Note on Concept and Measurement of Property Price Indices

Topic 3: Measuring Service Prices:

André Loranger with updates by Mary Beth Garneau (Statistics Canada): Quality Change in Services Producer Price Indexes

Anne-Sophie Fraisse (OECD): The Methodological Guide for Developing Producer Price Indices for Services, Issues and Challenges

Topic 4: Sampling and Data Collection:
Chair: Paul Armknecht

Satoshi Imai, Chihiro Shimizu and Tsutomu Watanabe (Statistics Bureau of Japan): Product Downsizing and Hidden Price Increases: Evidence from Japan's Deflationary Period

Claude Lamboray (Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques, Luxembourg): Short-term Movements of the RY-GEKS Price Index; Is the Failure of the Identity Test Really a Problem?

Jörgen Dalén (Consultant) and Oxana Tarassiouk (Statistics Sweden): Replacements, Quality Adjustments and Sales Prices

Isabelle Marchand (Statistics Canada): Sample Design for Goods and Services Components of the Canadian CPI

Frances Krsinich and Jan de Haan (Statistics New Zealand and Statistics Netherlands): Scanner Data and the Treatment of Quality Change in Rolling Year GEKS Price Indexes

Jens Mehrhoff (Deutsche Bundesbank): The CIA (consistency in aggregation) approach - A new economic approach to elementary indices

Muhanad Sammar, Anders Norberg and Can Tongur (Statistics Sweden): Issues on the Use of Scanner Data in the CPI

Aravindan Jayantha and Lewis Conn (Australian Bureau of Statistics): Using the Two Stage Approach to Price Index Aggregation

Nina Gustafsson (Statistics Denmark): Drawing a Sample from Scanner Data to Use in the Danish CPI

Patrick Sillard, Isabelle Léonard and Gaëtan Varlet (Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques): Scanner data and quality adjustment

Topic 5: ’Difficult to Measure’ Goods and Services:
Chair: Carsten Boldsen

Ragnhild Nygaard (Statistics Norway):Rent Levels in The Norwegian Rental Market

Patrick Kelly and Lee Everts (Statistics South Africa): How Much Rent Do I Pay Myself? / Methods of Estimating the Value of Imputed Rental for the Weights of the South African CPI

Room document:

Sandrine Roh and Corinne Becker Vermeulen (Swiss Statistics): ’Clothing: The Use of Class Mean Imputation in the Swiss CPI - Analysis and Impact on the Results

Topic 6: Seasonal Adjustment and Analytical Series:

W. Erwin Diewert (The University of British Columbia): An Empirical Illustration of Index Construction Using Israeli Data on Vegetables

Matthias Diermeier and Martin Eiglsperger (European Central Bank): The Treatment of Seasonal Breaks in the Seasonal Adjustment of Harmonised Indices of Consumer Prices

Room documents:

Salomão Quadros, Vagner Ardeo and Paulo Picchetti (Fundação Getulio Vargas): A Daily Frequency Inflation Measure and its Information Content on Forecasts

Jan Walschots (Statistics Netherlands): ’Weights in the CPI/HICP and in Seasonally Adjusted Series

Pedro Martins Ferreira and Luca Gramaglia (Eurostat): ’The Euro Area Inflation Flash Estimate Procedure

Derek Bird (Office for National Statistics): ’Addressing the Formula Effect Gap Between the UK’s two Primary Measures of Consumer Price Inflation

Topic 7: Real Time Estimations of Superlative Indices:
Chair: Erwin Diewert

Frances Krsinich (Statistics New Zealand): Using the Rolling Year Time-Product Dummy Method for Quality Adjustment in the Case of Unobserved Characteristics

Marcel van Kints (Australian Bureau of Statistics): Geometric Indexes and Substitution Bias in the CPI

Vagner Laerte Ardeo and Angelo Polydoro (Fundação Getulio Vargas): Measuring Dynamic Inflation in Brazil

Room documents:

Peter von der Lippe (Universität Duisburg-Essen): Notes on GEKS and RGEKS indices - Comments on a Method to GenerateTransitive Indices

Thomas Stapleford (University of Notre Dame): ’Ordinal Utility and the Conceptual Basis of Cost-of-Living Indexes: How History Can Inform Contemporary Debates

Paul Armknecht and Mick Silver (IMF): Post-Laspeyres: The Case for a New Formula for Compiling Consumer Price Indexes

Peter von der Lippe and Claus C. Breuer (Universität Duisburg-Essen): Problems of Operationalizing the Concept of a Cost-of-Living Index

Topic 8: International Comparability of Price Developments and Price Levels:

Prasada Rao (University of Queensland) and Bert M. Balk (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University): Concepts and Terminology for International Comparisons of Prices and Real Incomes

Roberto Barcellan (Eurostat): Multipurpose Price Statistics

Room documents:

Prasada Rao, Alicia Rambaldi and Howard Doran (University of Queensland): Construction of Panels of Real Incomes at Current and Constant Prices: An Econometric Approach

Valentina Stoevska (ILO, Department of Statistics): Methodologies of Compiling Consumer Price Indices, 2012 ILO Survey of Country Practices