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A “big data” gaze at why electronic transactions and webscraped data are no panacea Jens Mehrhoff (PDF 190 KB) Presentation (PDF 371 KB)
A comparison of price index methods for scanner data Antonio Chessa, Jan de Haan, Johan Verburg, Leon Willenborg (PDF 697 KB) Presentation (PDF 294 KB)
A comparison of weighted time-product dummy and time dummy hedonic indexes Jan de Haan, Rens Hendriks, Michael Scholz (PDF 452 KB) | Presentation (PDF 502 KB)
A Daily Frequency Inflation Measure and its Information Content on Forecasts, Salomão Quadros, Vagner Ardeo and Paulo Picchetti (Fundação Getulio Vargas) (PDF file 561 KB)
A Note on Concept and Measurement of Property Price Indices, Bert M. Balk (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University) (PDF file 104 KB)
A transactions-based commercial property price index for Portugal Inês Gonçalves Raposo, Rui Evangelista (PDF 731 KB) | Presentation (PDF 461 KB)
Accounting for the Difference between the CPI and Personal Consumption Expenditure Deflator, Harchaoui / Hume / Withington (PDF file 157 KB)
Addressing the Formula Effect Gap Between the UK’s two Primary Measures of Consumer Price Inflation, Derek Bird (Office for National Statistics) (PDF file 190 KB)
Addressing the New Goods Problem in the Consumer Price Index, Lane (PDF file 174 KB)
A Framework for the accuracy dimension of data quality of price statistics, Neideck (PDF file 127 KB)
Aggregate Indices and Their Corresponding Elementary Indices, Jens Mehrhoff (Deutsche Bundesbank) (PDF file 1.3MB)
Alternative estimates of price change for private transportation, Schultz (PDF file 265 KB)
An Almost Ideal Hedonic Price Index for Televisions, de Haan, van der Grient (PDF file 201 KB)
An Alternative Collection Method and Its Impact on Accuracy, Reliability and Efficiency of the CPI Program: The case of automobile insurance in Canada, Chaffe / Ezzaouali / Lequain (PDF file 57 KB)
An Empirical Illustration of Index Construction Using Israeli Data on Vegetables, W. Erwin Diewert (The University of British Columbia) (PDF file 259 KB)
An evaluation of the use of hedonic regressions for basic components of consumer price indices, Silver (PDF file 19 KB)
An exploration of alternative treatments of owner-occupied housing in a CPI, Woolford (PDF file 168 KB)
An Index Number Formula Problem: the Aggregation of Broadly Comparable Items, Mick Silver (IMF) (PDF file 136 KB)
A note on Cost-of-Living Indexes, Subsidized Commodities and Income Dependent Prices, Klevmarken (PDF file 648 KB)
An overview of experimental U.S. Consumer Price Indexes, Moulton, Stewart (PDF file 67 KB)
An overview of research on potential uses of scanner data in the U. S. CPI, Bradley, Cook, Leaver, Moulton (PDF file 75 KB)
Applying the index family concept in practice - tracing price changes through the retail sector, Powell (PDF file 221 KB)
Applying advanced techniques to the estimation of Multipurpose Digital Devices price indices Kevin Roche, Lance Taylor, Roobina Keshishbanoosy | Statistics Canada Abstract | Presentation
A MAP for the future of prices indexes at Stats NZ Matthew Stansfield, Frances Krsinich | Statistics New Zealand Abstract
A Pragmatic Approach to the Selection of Appropriate Index Formulae, Woolford (PDF file 73 KB)
A Proposal for a new system of aggregation in the Swedish Consumer Price Index, Dalén (PDF file 159 KB)
A robust measure of core inflation in New Zealand, 1949-96, Roger (PDF file 181 KB)
A statistical interpretation of CPI comparability, Dalén (PDF file 434 KB)
Automization in the CPI, Quality Assurance and EFQM, Finkel (PDF file 197 KB )
A Study on Scanner Data in the Swedish Consumer Price Index. Norberg
Approaches to measuring telecommunications services for the CPI. Frost
A progress report on ABS investigations into FISM in National Accounts, Consumer Price Index and Balance of Payments. Kluth
A comparison of the SPAR and a stratified-model house price indices. Jónsdóttir
An assessment of New Zealand's unofficial SPAR and stratified house price measures . Krsinich
Alignment of Methodology and Scope between Services Producer Price Indices (SPPIs) and Consumer Price Indices (CPIs): developing a framework for using CPIs in SPPI calculation Rohan Draper, Nicklas Elversøe | Statistics Denmark, Melanie Santiago |US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Ruth Vaizner | Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel Abstract | Presentation
Alternative approaches for resale housing price indexes Erwin Diewert, Ning Huang, Kate Burnett-Issacs (PDF 509 KB) Presentation (PDF 317 KB)
An evaluation of the hedonic methods used by European National Statistical Institutes to compute their official House Price Indices Robert Hill, Michael Scholz, Chihiro Shimizu, Miriam Steurer (PDF 271 KB) | Presentation (PDF 186 KB)
An Examination of the Differences between the Cobb-Douglas Price Index and the Geometric Lowe Price Index. Armknecht
Aggregate Properties of Two-Staged Price Indices. Mehrhoff
An Econometric Approach to the Construction of Complete Panels of Purchasing Power Parities: Analytical Properties and Empirical Results. Prasada Rao
A Framework for Large Scale Use of Scanner Data in the Dutch CPI, Jan de Haan (PDF 267KB):
A measure of core inflation based on dynamyc hierarchical factor models, Paulo Picchetti (PDF 198KB)
A modification of the GEKS index when product turnover is high, Claude Lamboray and Frances Krsinich, (PDF 394KB)
Analysis of Rent Prices of Rental Housing by Year of Construction , Taiki Tsukamoto (PDF 116KB)
Analytical Consumer Price Indexes for Owned Accommodation, Faouzi Tarkhani (PDF 839KB):
Applying the daily inflation to forecast the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA), Pedro Ferreira, Jose Gondin, Andre Braz and Juliana Carneiro (PDF 623KB):
Automatic data collection on the Internet (web scraping), Ingolf Boettcher, (PDF 48KB)


Balancing the Swedish CPI Anders Norberg, Can Tongur | Statistics Sweden Abstract | Presentation
Beyond matched pairs and Griliches-type hedonic methods for controlling quality changes in CPI sub-indices: Mathematical considerations and empirical examples on the use of linear and non-linear models with time-dependent quality parameters, Vartia, Koskimäki (PDF file 303 KB)
Bias in the Compilation of Consumer Price Indices when Different Models of an Item Coexist, Silver (PDF file 126 KB)
BIS Working papers No. 339 Measuring disagreement in UK consumer and central bank inflation forecasts . Moessner
BIS consumer and property price statistics: cross-country comparability and historical perspective Robert Szemere Presentation (PDF 1,099 KB)
Breaking down the differences between the CPI-U and C-CPI-U: weights vs. formula, Gregory Kurtzon (PDF 710 KB) Presentation (PDF 349 KB)
Bringing the Hedonic-repricing method up to date to adjust for qualitative differences in the residential real estate price index Corinne Becker Vermeulen, Manuel Brand | Statistics Switzerland Abstract | Presentation


Chained, exact and superlative hedonic price changes: estimates from micro data, Ioannides, Silver (PDF file 113 KB )
Choice of Price Index Formulae at the Micro-Aggregation Level: The Canadian Empirical Evidence, Bohdan, Schultz (PDF file 167 KB )
Choice of window length and linking method for extending multilateral index series over time Antonio Chessa, Florin Barb, Stefan Boumans | Statistics Netherlands
Clearing out the sales: Removing a downward bias in a clothing and footwear index, Patrick Kelly, Lee Everts (Statistics South Africa) (PDF file 60 KB)
Clothing: The Use of Class Mean Imputation in the Swiss CPI - Analysis and Impact on the Results, Sandrine Roh and Corinne Becker Vermeulen (Swiss Statistics) (PDF file 0.99 MB)
COL Indexes and Inflation Indexes, Hill (Room Document) (PDF file 37 KB)
Combining Classification and Hedonic Quality adjustment in Constructing a House Price Index, Koev (PDF file 662 KB)
Combining Price Indices in Temporal Hierarchies Robert J. Hill | University of Graz, Daniel Melser | Monash University, Alicia Rambaldi | The University of Queensland, Michael Scholz | University of Klagenfurt Abstract 
Commercial Property Price Indexes for Tokyo, Chihiro Shimizu, W. Erwin Diewert, Kiyohiko G. Nishimura and Tsutomu Watanabe (Reitaku University) (PDF file 264 KB)
Commercial property price indexes for Tokyo revisited Erwin Diewert, Chihiro Shimizu (PDF 372 KB) | Presentation (PDF 1,113 KB)
Commercial Property Price Indices in Denmark, Jakob Holmgaard (Statistics Denmark) (PDF file 160 KB)
Commercial Property Prices: What Should Be Measured?, Sebastian Keiler (Deutsche Bundesbank) (PDF file 159 KB)
Comparative changes in Average Price and Price Index: Two case studies, Saglio (PDF file 1090 KB)
Comparing inflation between United states and Europe using the methods of the European Union’s Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices, Lane, Schmidt (PDF file 175 KB)
Comparison of different sources for CPI weights: Consumers bar-code cash receipts vs supermarkets scanning data, Guðnason (PDF file 19 KB)
Comparison of Hedonic Method and Matched Models Using Scanner Data: The Case of PCs, TVs, and Digital Cameras, Okamoto, Sato (PDF file 204 KB)
Comparison of Hedonic Indices Compiled using Different Types of Weights, Okamoto (PDF file 315 KB)
Comparison of maximum overlap and fixed sample methods for computer price indexes, Roland Hébert (Statistics Canada) Poster (PDF file 1024KB)
Comparison of Price Index Methods for CPI Measurement using Scanner Data, Jacek Bialek and Anna Bobel | University of Lodz, Statistics Poland and Department of Trade and Services, Poland
Comparison of Variance Estimators for the Consumer Price Index, Norberg (PDF file 386 KB)
Competition and Financial stability, Zakaria / Filali (University of Mohammed V Rabat-Agdal) Room Document (PDF file 401KB)
Concepts and Terminology for International Comparisons of Prices and Real Incomes, Prasada Rao (University of Queensland) and Bert M. Balk (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University) (PDF file 182 KB)
Consistent aggregation of superlative price indices Ludwig von Auer, Jochen Wengenroth (PDF 181 KB) Presentation (PDF 471 KB)
Constraining Macro Effects of the Use of Different Methods at the Basic Level in the Project to Harmonise Consumer Price Indices in the European Union, Sellwood (PDF file 804 KB)
Constraining unwarranted variations in sampling and quality adjustment practices in the construction of CPI elementary aggregates, Sellwood (PDF file 44.6 KB)
Construction of Panels of Real Incomes at Current and Constant Prices: An Econometric Approach, Prasada Rao, Alicia Rambaldi and Howard Doran (University of Queensland) (PDF file 1.14 MB)
Construction of Price Indexes and Exploration of Biases Using Scanner Data, Jain, Abello (PDF file 331 KB) (Room document)
Consumer journals and hedonics: a puzzle Blades, (PDF file 35 KB)
Consumer Price Index: Retrospective Superlative Index and Impact of Alternative Housing Weights, Nimmo / Pike (PDF file 267 KB)
Consumer price indexes for telecommunication services based on a sample of customer bills: Summary of progress, Vassiliou (PDF file 97 KB) (Room Document)
Consumer Price Indexes for Telecommunication Services in Italy: Work in Progress, Mostacci, Zanolini, Montella (PDF file 267 KB)
Consumer Price Indices: Purposes and definitions, A useful general approach to the construction of the indices and some measures of the divergences between them, Biggeri (PDF file 115 KB)
Core inflation measures produced in New Zealand, Daniel Griffiths (Statistics New Zealand) (PDF file 279 KB)
Cost of Living Indexes for Germany, Christian Breuer (PDF file 113 KB)
Cost of Living Index of an Estimated Generalized CES Utility Function that Accounts for Changes in Preferences for and Qualities of Goods Peter Zadrozny | Bureau of Labor Statistics Abstract
Costing mobile telephone calls: the use of constrained user profiles, Fenwick (PDF file 113 KB)
CPI and Household Income Expenditure under deflationary trend, Shimizu (PDF file 215 KB)
CPI Terminology. First draft which has not yet been discussed with Eurostat, Turvey (PDF file 17 KB)
Current Swedish Discussion on Housing in the CPI, Ribe (PDF file 586 KB)
Constructing High Frequency Price Indexes Using Scanner Data. Melser
Comparing Quality Adjustment Methods: A Case Study for Televisions in Japan. Hiro
Can Dissimilarity Indexes Resolve the Issue of when to Chain Price Indexes? . Ivancic
Consumer Price Index Statistics: Some Lessons from Pacific Small Island States. Nyasulu
Commercial Property Prices: What Should Be Measured?, Sebastian Keiler (Deutsche Bundesbank)
Clothing: The Use of Class Mean Imputation in the Swiss CPI - Analysis and Impact on the Results, Sandrine Roh and Corinne Becker Vermeulen (Swiss Statistics)
Choice of index number formula and Upper level substitution bias in the Canadian CPI, Ning Huang, Waruna Wimalaratne and Brent Pollard (PDF 484KB)
Communication Mechanisms, accessibility and transparency of the data used in the price indices in Mexico, Jorge A. Reyes-Moreno (PDF 880KB)
Communication of the UN Task Team on Scanner Data Tanya Flower | Office of National Statistics
Consumer Price Index Biases -Elementary Index Biases vs. Sampling Biases Satoshi Imai, Erwin Diewert and Chihiro Shimizu, (PDF 511KB):
Consumer Price Index with constant tax - the Swedish approach, Peter Nilsson and Martin Kullendorff (PDF 290KB)


Designing a CPI in a developing country. Some experiences, Jörgen Dalén (Jörgen Dalén Statistical Consulting) (PDF file 266 KB)
Developing a Definitive Measure of House Prices in the UK, Joni Karanka, Robert O'Neill, Natalie Weaden, Ria Sanderson, Christopher Jenkins and Derek Bird (Office for National Statistics) (PDF file 1.37MB)
Developing a new commercial property statistical system (CPSS) for Ireland Barra Casey (PDF 341 KB) | Presentation (PDF 711 KB)
Developing a Residential Property Price Index (RPPI) for Canada: Approach, Risks and Challenges, Annie De Champlain, Heidi Ertl, Gaétan Garneau, Sara Guay, Marllena Ifrim, Klaus Kostenbauer and Jennifer Withington (Statistics Canada) (PDF file 203 KB)
Developing Commercial Property Price Indicators, Paolo Passerine (Eurostat) (PDF file 350 KB)
Different Approaches to the Treatment of Seasonal Products: Tests on the Israeli CPI, Finkel / Rakhmilevich / Roshal (PDF file 363 KB)
Different Approaches & Methods for Strong Seasonal Items in CPI, Cem Bas Poster (PDF file 1,456KB)
Direct and indirect Time Dummy Approaches to Hedonic Price Measurement, de Haan (PDF file 234 KB)
Discussion of the Smith paper, Walter Erwin Diewert (University of British Columbia) (Room Document) (PDF file 56 KB)
Dish-washers and PCs in the French CPI: hedonic modeling, from design to practice, Lacroix, Bascher (PDF file 126 KB)
Divisia Indexes and the Representative Consumer Problem, Reinsdorf (PDF file 189 KB)
Do the Poor Pay More, Store by Store?, Kurtzon / McClelland (PDF file 116 KB)
Do Unit Value Export, Import, and Terms of Trade Indices Represent or Misrepresent Price Indices?, Silver (PDF file 159 KB)
Draft resolution on Consumer Price Indices, ILO (PDF file 201 KB)
Drawing a Sample from Scanner Data to Use in the Danish CPI, Nina Gustafsson (Statistics Denmark) (PDF file 594 KB)
Dealing with bias in the Norwegian superlative price index of food and non-alcoholic beverages. Johansen
Developing a Residential Property Price Index (RPPI) for Canada: Approach, Risks and Challenges, Annie De Champlain, Heidi Ertl, Gaétan Garneau, Sara Guay, Marllena Ifrim, Klaus Kostenbauer and Jennifer Withington (Statistics Canada)
Dynamic pricing as a challenge for consumer price statistics, Christian Blaudow, Florian Burg (PDF 698 KB) Presentation (PDF 360 KB)

ECB Progress towards a European Commercial Property Price Index, Andrew Kanutin (European Central Bank) (PDF file 634 KB)
E-commerce and consumer behaviour, Lowe (PDF file 174 KB)
E-commerce and Data Capture Opportunities for Price Indexes, Woolford (PDF file 221 KB)
E-commerce in the Israeli CPI, Yiftach, Finkel (PDF file 218 KB)
Effects of Using Various Macro-index Formulae in Longitudinal Price and Volume Comparisons, Canadian Empirical Studies, Schultz (PDF file 69 KB)
Elementary Indexes for a Consumer Price Index,Triplet (PDF file 134 KB)
Eliminating Chain Drift in Price Indexes Based on Scanner Data, Jan de Haan, Heymerik van der Grient (Statistics Netherlands) (PDF file 407KB)
Empirical findings on upper-level aggregation issues in the HICP Julika Herzberg, Thomas A. Knetsch, Dilyana Popova, Patrick Schwind, Sebastian Weinand | Deutsche Bundesbank Abstract | Presentation
Energy price indices in Japanese CPI, Shunichi SHIMAKITA, (Statistics Bureau of Japan) (PDF file 225KB)
Enhancing the Australian CPI: making greater use of transactions data to compile the Australian CPI Marcel van Kints (PDF 1,073 KB) | Presentation (PDF 626 KB)
Estimating and Smoothing Appraisal-Based Commercial Real-Estate Performance Indexes, Paulo Picchetti (Fundação Getulio Vargas) (PDF file 212 KB)
Estimating the Impact of Quality Adjustment on Consumer Price Inflation Jan-Oliver Menz, Elisabeth Wieland, Jens Mehrhoff | Deutsche Bundesbank Abstract
Estimation of the coffee price index using scanner data: simulation of official practices, de Haan, Opperdoes (PDF file 53 KB)
Estimation of the coffee price index using scanner data: the choice of the micro index, de Haan, Opperdoes (PDF file 103 KB)
Estimation of the potential bias of the French C.P.I. due to the annual linking of intermediary aggregates, Poinat (PDF file 84 KB)
Ethical price indices: the case for a cost of consumption index, David Fenwick (Office for National Statistics) (PDF file 82 KB)
Expenditure weight updates and measured inflation, Greenlees (PDF file 51 KB)
Experimental Price Indexes for Financial Services, Woolford (PDF file 827 KB)
Experiments with Swedish scanner data, Dalén (PDF file 34 KB)
Experimental use of hedonics for new cars in the Danish HICP. Birger Larsen
Experimental Aggregate GCC Consumer Price Change Estimates, Kari Manninen (PDF 1.7MB)


Family of indices - estimating the impact of government measures on the HICP for the euro area and the EU, Wirtz, Branchi (PDF file 237 KB)
Fashion and Consumer Price Index, Guédès (PDF file 89 KB)
Financial service prices - discusses the incorporation of financial services into a CPI, Fixler (PDF file 446 KB)
Financial services (credit services) in the New Zealand CPI, Stott (PDF file 66 KB)
Financial Services in Swedish Price Indices, Ribe (PDF file 227 KB)
Financial Services in the Consumer Price Index, Woolford (PDF file 154 KB)
From Mkhukhus to Mansions: The problem of heterogeneous housing types for the South African CPI. Everts
From price collection to price data analytics – How new large data sources require price statisticians to re-think their index compilation procedures. Experiences from web-scraped and scanner data Josef Auer, Ingolf Boettcher (PDF 1,659 KB) | Presentation (PDF 352 KB)

Generalised Fisher Price Indexes and the Use of Scanner Data in the CPI, de Haan (PDF file 200 KB)
Geometric Indexes and Substitution Bias in the CPI, Marcel van Kints (Australian Bureau of Statistics) (PDF file 656 KB)
Group Specific Inflation Rates for Austrian Households, Fritzer / Glatzer (PDF file 373 KB)
Games of chance and HICP. Ylä-Jarkko

Hardware, software, network effects - what's the price for using computers?, Linz (PDF file 291 KB)
Harmonization in the European Union: a review of some technical issues, Sellwood, Astin (PDF file 95 KB)
Hedonic Approach for House Rents in Japan, Makoto Shimizu (Statistics Bureau) (PDF file 166 KB)
Hedonic Imputation versus Time Dummy Hedonic Indexes, Diewert / Heravi / Silver (PDF file 191 KB)
Hedonic method is practicable in CPI compilation, Kinnunen (PDF file 68 KB)
Hedonic Price Indexes: A Comparison of Imputation, Time Dummy and Other Approaches, de Haan (Room Document) (PDF file 202 KB)
Hedonic Price-Rent Ratios, User Cost and Departures from Equilibrium in the Housing Market, Robert J. Hill and Iqbal A. Syed (University of Graz) (PDF file 353 KB)
Hedonic quality adjustments for non-comparable items for consumer price indices, Ioannides, Silver, Haworth (PDF file 85 KB)
Hedonic regressions: a consumer theory approach, Diewert (PDF file 209 KB)
Hedonic Regressions: A Review of Some Unresolved Issues, Diewert (PDF file 340 KB)
Hedonic regressions - a transaction economy, Manninen (PDF file 348 KB)
Hedonic residential property price estimation using geospatial data: a machine-learning approach, Paulo Picchetti Instituto Brasileiro de Economia/Escola de Economia de São Paulo, Fundação Getulio Vargas (Brazil) (PDF file 2,913KB)
Household production, consumption and CPIs, Hill (PDF file 176 KB)
House Price Indexes at Statistics Canada: Practices and Research, Prud'homme / Erdur (PDF file 166 KB)
House Prices and Rents in Tokyo: A Comparison of Repeat-Sales and Hedonic Measures, Chihiro Shimizu (Reitaku University), Kiyohiko G. Nishimura (Bank of Japan) and Tsutomu Watanabe (Hitotsubashi University) (PDF file 391 KB)
House prices in a Swedish CPI perspective, Martin Ribe (SCB) (Room Document) (PDF file 175KB)
Housing Price Statistics in Finland: Monthly Prices of Dwellings, Regional Division in Housing Price Statistics and Usage of Administrative Data, Tomi Martikainen and Petteri Rautaporras (Statistics Finland) (PDF file 298 KB)
How do we measure inflation? Some measurement problems, Guðnason (PDF file 287 KB)
How did Statistics Iceland start using scanner data? Heiðrún Erika Guðmundsdóttir, (Statistics Iceland) Paper(PDF file 483KB) Download Poster (606KB)
How much cheaper is Rural Life? The Price Levels of German Counties and Cities, Ludwig von Auer / Sebastian Weinand (University Trier) Poster (PDF file 906KB)
How to better measure hedonic residential property price indexes Mick Silver (PDF 1,405 KB) Presentation (PDF 489 KB)
How to Reflect Quality Change in the CPI: The Case of Korea, Lee (PDF file 45 KB)
House Prices at Different Stages of the Buying/Selling Process. Shimizu
Household Inventory, Temporally Sales, and Price Indices Kozo Ueda | Waseda University, Kota Watanabe | Canon Institute for Global Studies, Tsutomu Watanabe | University of Tokyo Abstract | Presentation
How can we estimate the quality deterioration with time in the rental service of office buildings in Japanese Services Producer Price Index? Masato Higashi, Masahiro Higo and Aki Ono (PDF249 KB):


Identifying Administered Prices – A practical approach, Lisa Reinheimer (Federal Statistical Office of Germany) Poster (PDF file 73KB)
Information on Group of Experts 2023 Carsten Boldsen | United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Implementation of the treatment of the scanner data in France Guillaume Rateau (PDF 2,632 KB) | Presentation (PDF 673 KB
Improved methods for the evaluation of the composition and quantity of household goods, Guðnason (PDF file 38 KB)
Improvements to the Food at Home, Shelter and Prescription Drug Indexes in the U.S. Consumer Price Index, Armknecht, Stewart (PDF file 1143 KB)
Improving Quality Adjustment in Practice, Sellwood (PDF file 197 KB)
Improving the efficiency of the U.S. CPI, Armknecht (PDF file 145 KB)
IInter-Area Price Levels: An experimental approach, Aten / Lane (presented by Walter Lane, BLS) (PDF file 155 KB)
In search of new approaches to the problem of quality adjustment in CPI, Sellwood (PDF file 78 KB)
Incorporating Geospatial Data into House Price Indexes: A hedonic Imputation Approach with Splines, Robert J. Hill and Michael Scholz (University of Graz) (PDF file 253 KB)
Index Calculation, Bert M. Balk, Jens Mehrhoff (European Commission / Eurostat) (PDF file 431 KB)
Increasing the Frequency of Consumer Price Index Expenditure Class Weight Updates, Marcel Van Knits (Australian Bureau of Statistics) Room Document (PDF file 673KB)
Inflation measurement in the UK, Haworth, Wall (PDF file 76 KB)
Insurance and quality adjustment: excess and option-cost method, Viglino (PDF file 160 KB)
Internet retail channels in Price Indices: the challenges involved in including non-traditional retailers in the UK Retail Prices Index, Fenwick, Brueton (PDF file 242 KB)
Integration of alternative data into consumer price statistics the UK approach Helen Sands | Office of National Statistics Abstract
Introducing the Chained Consumer Price Index, Greenlees, Cage, Jackman (PDF file 957 KB)
Is Inflation Heterogeneously Distributed Among Income Groups?, Jens Mehrhoff (Deutsche Bundesbank), Claus Christian Breuer (University of Duisburg-Essen) (PDF file 922 KB)
Issues on the Use of Scanner Data in the CPI, Muhanad Sammar, Anders Norberg and Can Tongur (Statistics Sweden) (PDF file 157 KB)
Item & outlet replacements and quality adjustment, Turvey (PDF file 78 KB)
Item selection and quality change in the Canadian CPI, Lowe (PDF file 162 KB)
Impact of the Price-Updating Weights Procedure on the Canadian Consumer Price Index. Huang
Ireland’s new residential property price index Gregg Patrick (PDF 550 KB) Presentation (PDF 662 KB)
Implementation of consumer electronics scanner data in the New Zealand CPI Frances Krsinich (PDF 190KB)
Is there a measurement bias from quality adjustment in Austria and Italy? Bernhard Goldhammer | ECB, Cristina Conflitti | Banca d’Italia, Fabio Rumler | Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Michaela Maier | Statistics Austria Abstract | Presentation


Laspeyres-type what? A European notion of Laspeyres, Lowe & Young, Jens Mehrhoff (Eurostat / European Commission) Poster(PDF file 125KB)
Le substitution bias est mort, vive le substitution bias Jens Mehrhoff | International Monetary Fund
Locally Weighted Quantile House Price Indices and Distribution in Japanese Cities, Yongheng Deng1, Xiangyu Guo2, Daniel McMillen3 and Chihiro Shimizu (Departments of Finance and Real Estate / National University of Singapore / Department of Economics / University of Illinois / Nihon University) Paper (PDF file 895KB) Download Poster (PDF file 176KB)
Lowe and Cobb-Douglas CPIs and their substitution bias, Bert M. Balk (Statistics Netherlands and Erasmus University) (PDF file 153 KB)
Life Cycle Pricing and the Measurement of Inflation. Melser


Matching, grouping and linking: What impact does the product specification have on a Fisher price index? Claude Lamboray | Eurostat Abstract | Presentation
Market Liberalisation in the Austrian CPI/HICP, Haschka (PDF file 87 KB)
Market prices, house price indices and flow of services methods, Guonason (PDF file 148 KB)
Measures of core inflation in Switzerland: An evaluation of alternative calculation methods for monetary policy, Marco Huwiler (PDF file 23 KB)
Measuring and Interpreting core inflation: evidence from Italy, Luigi Biggeri (ISTAT), Tiziana Laureti (University of Naples), Federico Polidoro (ISTAT) (PDF file 685 KB)
Measuring Dynamic Inflation in Brazil, Vagner Laerte Ardeo and Angelo Polydoro (Fundação Getulio Vargas) (PDF file 568 KB)
Measuring House Price Movements: methods, issues and some recent experiences in the Australian Context, Neideck / Olczyk (PDF file 149 KB)
Measuring prices for telecommunication services in Austria (PDF file 154 KB)
Measuring the price change of mobile phone services: an arduous task, Magnien (PDF file 283 KB)
Measuring Price Change for New Dwellings, Marcel Van Knits / James Signorelli (Australian Bureau of Statistics) Paper (PDF file 595KB) Poster (PDF file 137KB)
Measuring Price Setting Behaviours Using Scanner Data, Daisuke Oda, Makiko Ochiai, Shinichi Takahashi (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications / Statistics Bureau Japan) Paper (PDF file 1,038KB) Poster (PDF file 89KB)
Measuring the Services of Durables and Owner Occupied Housing W. Erwin Diewert | University of British Columbia and University of New South Wales, Chihiro Shimizu | Hitotsubashi University Abstract | Paper 2 | Presentation
Methodologies of Compiling Consumer Price Indices, 2012 ILO Survey of Country Practices, Valentina Stoevska (ILO, Department of Statistics) (PDF file 785 KB)
Methodology for constructing a price index for mobile-telephony services, Lacroix (PDF file 176 KB)
Midpoint-year Basket Index as a Practical Approximation to Superlative Index, Okamoto (PDF file 133 KB)
Misconceptions about Consumer Price Indexes: the U.S. Experience, John Greenlees, Robert McClelland (Bureau of Labor Statistics) (PDF file 70 KB)
Mixed-form indices: A study of their properties Bert Balk (PDF 245KB) Presentation (PDF 334 KB)
Mobile Phone Services in Thailand Consumer Price Index, Orapin, Puntumeka (PDF file 84 KB)
Months versus Years, Turvey (PDF file 41 KB)
Multi-Dimensional Product Differentiation for Service Bundles, Gupta (Room document) (PDF file 169 KB)
Multipurpose Price Statistics, Roberto Barcellan (Eurostat) (PDF file 911 KB)
Measuring the Price Movements of Used Cars and Residential Rents in the New Zealand Consumers Price Index. Krsnich
Measuring Local House Price Movements in Israel And Estimating Price Elasticity. Sayag
Methodological aspects and empirical evidence in the use of administrative souces to estimate price dynamics in external trade. Anitori
Methodologies of Compiling Consumer Price Indices in Asian Countries, Daisuke Oda, Makiko Ochain (PDF 271KB)
Modernising the measurement of clothing price indices using web-scraped data: classification and product grouping Liam Greenhough, Hazel Martindale, Helen Sands | Office of National Statistics Abstract | Presentation
Multilateral indices and the relaunch problem: product clustering and alternative solutions Jacco Daalmans | Statistics Netherlands Abstract | Presentation


New data sources to compile price indices: Small scale “big data” in the Finnish pharmaceutical product index compilation Kristiina Nieminen (PDF 801 KB) | Presentation (PDF 525 KB)
New developments in the field of house and rental price indices in German price statistics in the light of the hedonic method Timm Behrmann, Bernhard Goldhammer, (PDF 621 KB) Presentation (PDF 1,260 KB)
New outlets & new products, Turvey (PDF file 80 KB)
New Outlets Bias in the CPI: A Look at Recent Evidence, Greenlees / McClelland (PDF file 125 KB)
New Zealand 2006 and 2008 Consumers Price Index Reviews: Price Updating, Chris Pike, Ben Nimmo and Ludeth Mariposa (Statistics New Zealand) (Room Document) (PDF file 317 KB)
New Zealand 2006 CPI Review: Price Updating, Pike (Room document) (PDF file 218 KB)
New Zealand consumers price index: retrospective superlative index time series, Katrina Lindsay, Ricky Ho and Chris Pike (Statistics New Zealand) (Room Document) (PDF file 188 KB)
A Note on Long run analytical CPI series that avoid discontinuities on rebasing, Zieschang / Silver (PDF file 59 KB)
Note on selected difficult areas of consumer price indices, Sandberg (PDF file 236 KB)
Note on the practices in the field of insurance, financial services and public price policies in the Icelandic CPI, Guðnason (PDF file 22 KB)
Notes on GEKS and RGEKS indices - Comments on a Method to GenerateTransitive Indices, Peter von der Lippe (Universität Duisburg-Essen) (PDF file 1.38 MB)
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Short-term Movements of the RY-GEKS Price Index; Is the Failure of the Identity Test Really a Problem?, Claude Lamboray (Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques, Luxembourg) (PDF file 422 KB)
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Statistical Target and Sample Design Simulations for Consumer Price Sub-Indices. Gregorio
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Substitution bias in multilateral methods for CPI construction using scanner data Erwin Diewert, Kevin Fox (PDF 520 KB) | Presentation (PDF 364 KB)
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