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Links are organised under two headings: those that refer to statistical sites, and those that point to sites that specifically deal with price index problems.
General sites

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA (BLS)

Central Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS)
Statistics Netherlands

European Commission - Eurostat
ec.europa. eu/eurostat

Institut national de la statistique et des estudes economiques (INEE)
National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies

Office for National Statistics, UK (ONS)

Statistics Canada (StatCan)

Statistics Iceland

Statistics Finland

Statistics New Zealand

Statistika Centralbyran (SCB)
Statistics Sweden

United Nations Statistical Division
Specific sites

Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA (BLS) - Consumer Price Index
This is the home page for the U.S. CPI at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It contains data and descriptions of current and future research work on price measurement in the US CPI.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, USA (BLS) - Resources for Economists
This contains a searchable bibliography of research papers by BLS authors.

Database of International Statistical Activities
This is a United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) site

International Monetary Fund (IMF) - Country Information
This site provides brief methodological descriptions of a number of countries’ economic data including their CPIs.

Statistics Canada - Analytical Series, Prices Division
This contains analytical papers by Prices Division authors at Statistics Canada (in English).
(Same papers in French).

Ralph Turvey
Includes articles and papers written by Ralph Turvey.

United Nations Statistical Division - City Groups
This United Nations site provides a list of the city groups like the Ottawa group and some information on their activities.

The Ottawa Group regularly reports to the UN Statistical Commission. Previous reports can be found below: