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Ninth Meeting - London, 2006

Summary of the Meeting (PDF file 720 KB)

Session 1: Families of indices
Chair: Marc Prud'homme

Christine Wirtz and Mariagnese Branchi: Family of indices - estimating the impact of government measures on the HICP for the euro area and the EU (PDF file 237 KB)
Peter Hill:
Household production, consumption and CPIs (PDF file 176 KB)
Matthew Powell:
Applying the index family concept in practice - tracing price changes through the retail sector (PDF file 221 KB)
Carsten Hansen:
Price updating of weights in the CPI (PDF file 175 KB)
Walter Lane and Mary Lynn Schmidt:
Comparing inflation between United states and Europe using the methods of the European Union’s Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (PDF file 175 KB)

Session 2: Housing costs
Chair: Dr Martin Ribe

Keith Woolford (presented by Merry Branson): An exploration of alternative treatments of owner-occupied housing in a CPI (PDF file 168 KB)
Anders Klevmarken:
Towards an applicable true cost-of-living index that incorporates housing (PDF file 148 KB)
Timo Koskimaki:
Options for the organisation of rent surveys (PDF file 2.9 MB)
Marc Prud’homme, Andrew Baldwin and Alice Nakamura:
An empirical analysis of the different concepts for owned accommodation in the Canadian CPI: The case of Ottawa, 1996-2005 (PDF file 338 KB)
Makoto Shimizu:
Review of the prices of rents and owner-occupied houses in Japan (PDF file 96 KB)
Rosmundur Guonason:
Market prices, house price indices and flow of services methods (PDF file 149 KB)

Session 3: Services
Chair: Walter Lane

Corinne Becker: Recent developments in the Swiss CPI - Scanner data, telecommunications and health price collection (PDF file 178 KB)
Alexandra Beisteiner:
Measuring prices for telecommunication services in Austria (PDF file 154 KB)
Dennis Fixler:
Financial service prices - discusses the incorporation of financial services into a CPI (PDF file 446 KB)

Session 4: Healthcare
Chair: Walter Lane

Grietje van Haren, Foske Kleima and Jan de Haan: The CPI and the new Dutch Health Care System (PDF file 259 KB)

Session 5: Measuring quality change
Chair: Peter Hill (to be confirmed)

Stefan Linz: Hardware, software, network effects - what's the price for using computers? (PDF file 291 KB)
Kari Manninen:
Hedonic regressions - a transaction economy (PDF file 348 KB)
Peter Moran:
Applying hedonics in practice: Analysis of US and UK methods for Flat Panel Televisions (PDF file 229 KB)

Session 6: Measuring the statistical quality of indices
Chair: Dominique Guedes

David Fenwick: Real world quality measures (PDF file 464 KB)
Mick Silver:
Why elementary price index number formulas differ - price dispersion and product heterogeneity (PDF file 223 KB)

Session 7: Other issues
Chair: Paul Armknecht

Jorgen Dalen: Spatial price comparisons in poverty measurement (PDF file 314 KB)
Yoel Finkel:
CPI - Measuring across households (PDF file 384 KB)
Bert Balk:
Measuring and decomposing rates of inflation derived from annually chained Lowe Indices (PDF file 104 KB)
Wendy Wusan Xi:
Vector based price index (PDF file 291 KB)