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Third Meeting - Voorburg, 1997

Introduction (PDF file 17 KB)

Inflation measurement

Marta F. Haworth and David A. Wall, Inflation measurement in the UK (PDF file 77 KB)
Scott Roger,
A robust measure of core inflation in New Zealand, 1949-96 (PDF file 182 KB)
Brent R. Moulton and Kenneth J. Stewart,
An overview of experimental U.S. Consumer Price Indexes (PDF file 68 KB)
John S. Greenlees,
Expenditure weight updates and measured inflation (PDF file 51 KB)
François Poinat,
Estimation of the potential bias of the French C.P.I. due to the annual linking of intermediary aggregates (PDF file 84 KB)

Various measurement issues

Paul A. Armknecht, Improving the efficiency of the U.S. CPI (PDF file 146 KB)
Ralph Turvey,
New outlets & new products (PDF file 81 KB)
Marta Haworth, David Fenwick and Rachael Beaven,
Recent developments in the UK Retail Prices Index: Quality management (PDF file 151 KB)
Rósmundur Gudnason,
Improved methods for the evaluation of the composition and quantity of household goods (PDF file 39 KB)
Helen Stott,
Financial services (credit services) in the New Zealand CPI (PDF file 66 KB)

The use of scanner data

William J. Hawkes, Reconciliation of consumer price index trends with corresponding trends in average prices for quasi-homogeneous goods using scanning data (PDF file 122 KB)
Jörgen Dalén,
Experiments with Swedish scanner data (PDF file 34 KB)
Ralph Bradley, Bill Cook, Sylvia G. Leaver and Brent R. Moulton,
An overview of research on potential uses of scanner data in the U. S. CPI (PDF file 76 KB)
Jan de Haan and Eddy Opperdoes,
Estimation of the coffee price index using scanner data: simulation of official practices (PDF file 53 KB)
Jan de Haan and Eddy Opperdoes,
Estimation of the coffee price index using scanner data: the choice of the micro index (PDF file 103 KB)
Mick Silver, Christos Ioannides and Marta F. Haworth,
Hedonic quality adjustments for non-comparable items for consumer price indices (PDF file 85 KB)
Christos Ioannides and Mick Silver,
Chained, exact and superlative hedonic price changes: estimates from micro data (PDF file 114 KB)

Quality change

Don J. Sellwood, In search of new approaches to the problem of quality adjustment in CPI (PDF file 79 KB)
Henk van Tuinen, Bram de Boo and Jaco van Rijn,
Price index numbers of complementary goods (PDF file 127 KB)
Derek Blades,
Consumer journals and hedonics: a puzzle (PDF file 36 KB)
Mick Silver,
An evaluation of the use of hedonic regressions for basic components of consumer price indices (PDF file 93 KB)
Robin Lowe
Item selection and quality change in the Canadian CPI (PDF file 163 KB)

European issues

John A. Astin and Don J. Sellwood, Harmonization in the European Union: a review of some technical issues (PDF file 95 KB)
Jörgen Dalén,
What is a Monetary Union price index? (PDF file 32 KB)