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Fourth Meeting - Washington, 1998

Agenda (PDF file 7 KB)

Session 1: New goods, disappearing goods and "variety increase"

Robin Lowe, Televisions: Quality changes and scanner data (PDF file 74 KB)
Mick Silver, Bias in the Compilation of Consumer Price Indices when Different Models of an Item Coexist (PDF file 126 KB)

Session 2: Quality adjustment including the treatment of durables

John Astin, Quality Adjustment in CPIs – A Personal View (PDF file 26 KB)
Jérôme Bascher and Thierry Lacroix,
On the use of hedonic methods in the CPI: an application to consumer durables and apparel (PDF file 110 KB)
Brent R. Moulton, Timothy J. LaFleur, and Karin E. Moses,
Research on Improved Quality Adjustment in the CPI: The Case of Televisions (PDF file 137 KB)
Arja Kinnunen,
Hedonic method is practicable in CPI compilation (PDF file 68 KB)
Don Sellwood,
Constraining unwarranted variations in sampling and quality adjustment practices in the construction of CPI elementary aggregates (PDF file 44 KB)

Session 3: Sampling and elementary aggregates

Bert M. Balk, On the Use of Unit Value Indices as Consumer Price Subindices (PDF file 55 KB)
Jörgen Dalén,
On the statistical objective of a Laspeyres’ price index (PDF file 108 KB)
The Impact of Sample Design on the Performance of the Sample Geometric Mean and Related Issues (PDF file 122 KB)
William J. Hawkes,
The Use of Scanner Data in Reconciling Time-series (Consumer Price Index) and Geographic (Place-to-Place) Price Comparisons (PDF file 94 KB)
Jack E. Triplett,
Elementary Indexes for a Consumer Price Index (PDF file 134 KB)

Session 4: Aggregation

Rósmundur Guđnason, Comparison of different sources for CPI weights: Consumers bar-code cash receipts vs supermarkets scanning data (PDF file 19 KB)
Marshall B. Reinsdorf,
Divisia Indexes and the Representative Consumer Problem (PDF file 189 KB)
Bohdan Schultz (Szulc),
Effects of Using Various Macro-index Formulae in Longitudinal Price and Volume Comparisons, Canadian Empirical Studies (PDF file 69 KB)
Ralph Turvey,
Months versus Years (PDF file 41 KB)

Session 5: Index purpose, definition and scope

Luigi Biggeri, Consumer Price Indices: Purposes and definitions, A useful general approach to the construction of the indices and some measures of the divergences between them (PDF file 115 KB)
Yoel Finkel and Israel Givol,
The Consumer Price Index Development Project in Israel: An Integrated Approach (PDF file 25 KB)
Tomohiko Sato,
Outlet Sampling Method on the 1997 National Survey of Prices (PDF file 38 KB)
Mariana Schkolnik, Francisco Ruiz, Gunter Hintze, Francisco Meneses, Paula Jara, and Cristóbal Videla-Hintze,
The New Chilean CPI (PDF file 47 KB)
Helen Stott,
The CPI purpose and definition - the Australasian Debate (PDF file 103 KB)