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Sixth Meeting - Canberra, 2001

Introduction (PDF file 98 KB)
Welcoming Address (PDF file 47 KB)

The papers are grouped into five broad categories for purposes of discussion. The sessions and moderators are shown in chronological order below. A summary of discussions for each session preceeds the listing of papers.

  • Quality adjustment and scanner data - Bert Balk;
  • New and disappearing goods - Keith Woolford;
  • Financial services - Mick Silver;
  • Miscellaneous areas of new or ongoing research - John Greenlees; and
  • Telecommunication services - Erwin Diewert.
In total, some 28 papers were presented for discussion with a further 3 papers submitted as room documents. In addition, a session moderated by Walter Lane was devoted to the problems currently being experienced by CPI compilers.

Quality adjustment and scanner data
Session summary (PDF file 62 KB)

Timo Koskimäki and Yrjö Vartia, Beyond matched pairs and Griliches-type hedonic methods for controlling quality changes in CPI sub-indices: Mathematical considerations and empirical examples on the use of linear and non-linear models with time-dependent quality parameters (PDF file 303 KB)
Eunjeong Lee,
How to Reflect Quality Change in the CPI: The Case of Korea (PDF file 45 KB)
Ben Bode and Jan van Dalen,
Quality-corrected price indexes of new passenger cars in the Netherlands, 1990-1999 (PDF file 189 KB)
Masato Okamoto and Tomohiko Satou,
Comparison of Hedonic Method and Matched Models Using Scanner Data: The Case of PCs, TVs, and Digital Cameras (PDF file 204 KB)
Mick Silver and Saeed Heravi,
Quality Adjustment, Sample Rotation and CPI practice: An Experiment (PDF file 162 KB)
David Fenwick, Adrian Ball, Peter Morgan and Mick Silver,
Sampling in Consumer Price Indices: what role for scanner data? (PDF file 232 KB)
David H. Richardson,
Scanner Indexes for the CPI (PDF file 191 KB)
Don Sellwood,
Improving Quality Adjustment in Practice (PDF file 197 KB)
Erwin Diewert,
Hedonic regressions: a consumer theory approach (PDF file 209 KB)
Malti Jain and Joanne Caddy, 
Using scanner data to explore unit value indexes (Room document) (PDF file 268 KB)
Malti Jain and Ruel Abello, 
Construction of Price Indexes and Exploration of Biases Using Scanner Data (Room document) (PDF file 331 KB)

New and disappearing goods
Session summary (PDF file 57 KB)

Eddy Opperdoes, Some Empiricial Experiments with CES Functions (PDF file 211 KB)
Jan de Haan, 
Generalised Fisher Price Indexes and the Use of Scanner Data in the CPI (PDF file 200 KB)
Walter Lane,
Addressing the New Goods Problem in the Consumer Price Index (PDF file 174 KB)

Financial services
Session summary (PDF file 60 KB)

Dennis Fixler and Kimberly D. Zieschang, Price Indices for Financial Services (PDF file 133 KB)
Keith Woolford, 
Financial Services in the Consumer Price Index (PDF file 154 KB)
Stephen Frost, 
The construction of price indexes for deposit and loan facilities (PDF file 75 KB)
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 
Direct Pricing of Health Insurance in the Consumer Price Index (PDF file 119 KB)

Problem areas

Session summary (PDF file 82 KB)

Miscellaneous areas of new or ongoing research
Session summary (PDF file 60 KB)

Jörgen Dalén, Statistical targets for price indexes in dynamic universes (PDF file 232 KB)
Masato Okamoto, 
Midpoint-year Basket Index as a Practical Approximation to Superlative Index (PDF file 133 KB)
Bohdan Schultz, 
User-cost Approach to the Estimation of Price Change for Private Transportation, Experimental study in the spirit of the Cost-of-Living Index (PDF file 104 KB)
Paul Haschka, 
Market Liberalisation in the Austrian CPI/HICP (PDF file 87 KB)

Telecommunication services
Session summary (PDF file 83 KB)

Prapa Puntumeka and Aree Orapin, Mobile Phone Services in Thailand Consumer Price Index (PDF file 84 KB)
Yoel Finkel and Merav Oren, 
Price Indices for Telecommunication Services in the Israeli CPI (PDF file 126 KB)
Dennis Fixler, John S. Greenlees and Walter F. Lane, 
Telecommunications Indexes in the U.S. Consumer Price Index (PDF file 164 KB)
Thierry Lacroix and François Magnien, 
Methodology for constructing a price index for mobile-telephony services (PDF file 176 KB)
Kam Yu, 
Trends in Internet Access Prices in Canada (PDF file KB 235)
Monica Montella, Franco Mostacci and Gualtiero Zanolini, 
Consumer Price Indexes for Telecommunication Services in Italy: Work in Progress (PDF file 267 KB)
Rosmundur Guðnason, 
Telecommunications services in the CPI - a quantity approach (PDF file 150 KB)
Irmtraud Beuerlein, 
The German Consumer Price Index for Telecommunication Services: A User Profile Approach for Mobile Telephony and Internet Access (PDF file 126 KB)
Sophie Vassiliou, 
Consumer price indexes for telecommunication services based on a sample of customer bills: Summary of progress (Room document) (PDF file 97 KB)

Appendix 1: Communiqué to the TEG-CPI from the sixth meeting of the International Working Group on Price Indices (the Ottawa Group) on the ILO manual on CPI (PDF file 60 KB)

Appendix 2: Draft ILO Resolution concerning consumer price indices (PDF file 122 KB)