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Twelfth Meeting - Wellington, New Zealand, May 4th to 6th 2011

Topic 1: Scanner data – issues, methods, practice
Chair: David Fenwick

Daniel Melser (School of Finance & Economics, University of Technology, Sydney):
Constructing High Frequency Price Indexes Using Scanner Data
Lorraine Ivancic, Kevin J. Fox (University of New South Wales):
Understanding Price Variation Across Stores and Supermarket Chains: Some Implications for CPI Aggregation Methods
Heymerik A. van der Grient, Jan de Haan (Statistics Netherlands):
Scanner Data Price Indexes: The "Dutch Method" versus Rolling Year GEKS
Frances Krsinich (Statistics New Zealand): Price Indexes from Scanner Data: A comparison of different methods

Room documents:
Kevin J. Fox (School of Economics and CAER, University of New South Wales), Daniel Melser (School of Finance and Economics, University of Technology, Sydney):
Non-linear Pricing and Price Indexes: Evidence and Implications from Scanner Data
Ingvild Johansen, Ragnhild Nygaard (Statistics Norway):
Dealing with bias in the Norwegian superlative price index of food and non-alcoholic beverages
Margaret Yang, Derick Cullen, Stephen Frost (Australian Bureau of Statistics):
Progress report on the implications of using supermarkets' scanner data in the CPI
Yuki Hiro, Yoshitaka Kajiya, Hitoshi Mio, Tomoaki Tanimoto, Shotaro Yamane (Bank of Japan):
Comparing Quality Adjustment Methods: A Case Study for Televisions in Japan
Daniel Melser (School of Finance & Economics, University of Technology, Sydney), Iqbal Syed (School of Economics, University of New South Wales):
Life Cycle Pricing and the Measurement of Inflation
Martin Ribe (Statistics Sweden):
On the RGEKS price index formula for scanner data
Anders Norberg, Muhanad Sammar, Can Tongur (Statistics Sweden):
A Study on Scanner Data in the Swedish Consumer Price Index

Topic 2: Price measurement for ‘difficult to measure’ products and services

Chair: Mari Ylä-Jarkko

Stephen Frost, Margaret Yang, Lewis Conn (Australian Bureau of Statistics):
Approaches to measuring telecommunications services for the CPI
Susan Kluth, Derick Cullen (Australian Bureau of Statistics):
A progress report on ABS investigations into FISM in National Accounts, Consumer Price Index and Balance of Payments
Erwin Diewert (University of British Columbia and University of New South Wales), Dennis Fixler (Bureau of Economic Analysis), Kimberly Zieschang (International Monetary Fund):
The Measurement of Banking Services in the System of National Accounts
Frances Krsinich (Statistics New Zealand):
Measuring the Price Movements of Used Cars and Residential Rents in the New Zealand Consumers Price Index
Stefan Linz, Andrea Röper, Peter Taschowsky (Federal Statistical Office of Germany):
The debate on hedonic price measurement - a never ending story?

Room documents:
Peter von der Lippe:
The Index Theory of the German Energy Regulation Agency, What is the price of an energy transmission network? or How to construct a PPI by combining price indices of inputs?
Mari Ylä-Jarkko, Anita Heinonen (Statistics Finland), Mauro Politi (ISTAT), Vitor Mendonça (INE):
Games of chance and HICP
Stephen Frost (Australian Bureau of Statistics):
Sampling general-insurance policies for the CPI
Jan Walschots (European Commission, Eurostat):
The treatment of internet purchases in Consumer price statistics, Harmonising their treatment in the HICP
Martin Birger Larsen (Statistics Denmark):
Experimental use of hedonics for new cars in the Danish HICP

Topic 3A: Housing and residential property price indices – RPPI handbook and related papers
Chair: Jan de Haan

Presentation of the Eurostat Handbook on
Residential Property Price Indices (RPPI)
Refer to
Eurostat website for post-conference updates

Chihiro Shimizu (Reitaku University), Kiyohiko G. Nishmura (Bank of Japan), Tsutomu Watanabe (Hitobashi University and University of Tokyo):
House Prices at Different Stages of the Buying/Selling Process
Guðrún R. Jónsdóttir, Lára G. Jónasdóttir (Statistics Iceland):
A comparison of the SPAR and a stratified-model house price indices
Mick Silver (International Monetary Fund):
Why Country House Price Indices May Differ

Room document:
Frances Krsinich (Statistics New Zealand):
An assessment of New Zealand's unofficial SPAR and stratified house price measures

Topic 3B: Housing and residential property price indices – Specific issues in housing

Chair: Yoel Finkel

Lee Everts, Patrick Kelly (Statistics South Africa):
From Mkhukhus to Mansions: The problem of heterogeneous housing types for the South African CPI
W. Erwin Diewert (The University of British Columbia):
Alternative Approaches to Measuring House Price Inflation
Alicia N. Rambaldi and D.S. Prasada Rao (School of Economics, The University of Queensland):
The Effect of Hedonic Modelling and Index Weights on Hedonic Imputation Indices

Room documents:
W. Erwin Diewert, Jan de Haan and Rens Hendriks (The University of British Columbia):
Hedonic Regressions and the Decomposition of a House Price Index into Land and Structure Components
Doron Sayag:
Measuring Local House Price Movements in Israel And Estimating Price Elasticity

Topic 4: Developments in weighting and calculation methodology

Chair: Kevin Fox

Paul Armknecht and Mick Silver (International Monetary Fund):
An Examination of the Differences between the Cobb-Douglas Price Index and the Geometric Lowe Price Index
Carlo De Gregorio (ISTAT):
Statistical Target and Sample Design Simulations for Consumer Price Sub-Indices

Room documents:
Beatriz Larraz (University of Castilla-La Mancha), Jose Manuel Pavia (University of Valencia), Guido Ferrari (University of Florence and Renmin University of China):
Weighting elementary prices in Consumer Price Index (CPI) construction using spacial autocorrelation
Ning Huang:
Impact of the Price-Updating Weights Procedure on the Canadian Consumer Price Index
Jens Mehrhoff (Deutsche Bundesbank):
Aggregate Properties of Two-Staged Price Indices
Ricky Ho, Peter Campion, Chris Pike (Statistics New Zealand):
New Zealand Consumers Price Index - an empirical analysis of the frequency and level of weight updates
Lorraine Ivancic, Kevin J. Fox (University of New South Wales):
Can Dissimilarity Indexes Resolve the Issue of when to Chain Price Indexes?

Topic 5: Intra and inter-national comparability and international comparisons

Chair: Roberto Barcellan

Alick Nyasulu (Secretariat of Pacific Community):
Consumer Price Index Statistics: Some Lessons from Pacific Small Island States
D.S Prasada Rao, Alicia N. Rambaldi, Howard E. Doran (School of Economics, The University of Queensland):
An Econometric Approach to the Construction of Complete Panels of Purchasing Power Parities: Analytical Properties and Empirical Results

Room document:
Derick Cullen, Michael Abbondante (Australian Bureau of Statistics):
Outcome of the Consumer Price Index Review (2010)

Topic 6: Emerging issues in price indices

Chair: Daniel Griffiths

Martin Eiglsperger (European Central Bank):
Seasonal adjustment of harmonised indices of consumer prices - main findings of an ECB task force

Room documents:
Paola Anitori, Carlo de Gregorio (ISTAT):
Methodological aspects and empirical evidence in the use of administrative souces to estimate price dynamics in external trade
Ayumi Maruyama: The index for retired elderly households
Richhild Moessner, Feng Zhu, Colin Ellis (Bank for International Settlements): BIS Working papers No. 339 Measuring disagreement in UK consumer and central bank inflation forecasts