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Fifth Meeting - Reykjavik, 1999

Introduction (PDF file 15 KB)
Summary (PDF file 24 KB)

Session 1: Treatment of quality change in price indices for durable goods
Chair and rapporteur:  Jack Triplett.

Greenlees, Fixler, Lane and Fortuna:
The Use of Hedonic Regressions to Handle Quality Change: The Experience in the U.S. CPI (PDF file 73 KB)
The Treatment of Quality Changes in the German Consumer Price Index (PDF file 121 KB)
Some observations on quality adjustment in the Netherlands (PDF file 119 KB)
Lacroix and Bascher: 
Dish-washers and PCs in the French CPI: hedonic modeling, from design to practice (PDF file 126 KB)
The use of the regression approach to quality change for durables in Canada (PDF file 65 KB)
Quality adjustments and capital goods (PDF file 49 KB)
Alternative estimates of price change for private transportation (PDF file 265 KB)
Quality Change a Statistical Approach (PDF file 122 KB)
Silver and Heravi:
The Measurement of Quality-Adjusted Price Changes (PDF file 113 KB)

Abstract of papers in Session 1 (PDF file 15 KB)

Room document
Rósmundur Guđnason: Ottawa Group quality database (OGQD) (PDF file 14 KB)

Session 2: Different concepts of price indices serving different purposes
Chair:  Rósmundur Guđnason.   Rapporteur:  Bohdan Schultz

On Curing the CPI's Substitution and New Goods Bias (PDF file 216 KB)
A proposal for a new system of aggreation in the Swedish Consumer Price Index (PDF file 159 KB)
The Consumer Price Index and Index Number Purpose (PDF file 390 KB)
The impact of choice of base month on the relative performance of different formulae used for aggregation of Consumer Price Index data at an elementary aggregate level (PDF file 43 KB)
Should the Cost-of-Living Index Provide the Conceptual Framework for a Consumer Price Index? (PDF file 145 KB)
True Cost of Living Indexes (PDF file 54 KB) 

Abstract of papers in Session 2

Room documents
Hill: COL Indexes and Inflation Indexes (PDF file 37 KB)
Guđnason and Snorrason: 
Use of cash register data (PDF file 22 KB)
The European Union harmonized indices of consumer prices (HICP) (PDF file 31 KB)

Session 3: The planned revision of the ILO manual
Chair:  Hallgrímur Snorrason

Draft Chapter Outline for the Revised CPI Manual (PDF file 32 KB)
Development of International Handbook on Consumer Price Indices (PDF file 11 KB)
  CPI Terminology. First draft which has not yet been discussed with Eurostat (PDF file 17 KB)

Room document
IMF, TEG-PPI:  Background and Points for Discussion Regarding Development of a Forum for PPI Issues (PDF file 13 KB)